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  1. Ford Wants To Suck More People Into 84-Month Loans

    Yeah except that is almost never what happens in the real world. Sure if you have the cash up front then yes you would be better off investing it. In reality what happens is nearly all new car buyers don‘t have the cash available to pay for it up front and are using long terms to get into...
  2. Ford Wants To Suck More People Into 84-Month Loans

    I am not opposed to financing a car, it can make a lot of sense in many cases but my issue is the vast majority of times someone signs up for a 7 year loan it is to get them in a car they shouldn't be in. Long terms and inflated prices are going to crush a lot of people financially when the...
  3. What up & coming car are you most interested in?

    If I could find a new Bronco equipped how I wanted I would buy one.
  4. Indiana FS: 2020 Mustang GT Twister Orange

    I am selling a lightly modified 2020 Mustang GT. I purchased this brand new back in January and have been the only owner. This is a clean title, no accident car. Car is paid off with title in hand. The car has right at 4,000 miles. Factory Options: Twister Orange Black Accent Package...
  5. Insurance Premiums

    You know that kind of stuff is funny. I used to have a 2005 C6 Corvette and sold that and ended up buying a low mileage 1996 mustang GT convertible. My insurance from a 20K car went UP when I went to a car that was worth about 6K. I was shocked but apparently mustang drivers do stink and kill...
  6. Insurance Premiums

    We pay $494/six months for a 2018 BMW X1 and my 20 Mustang GT. My portion is $293/6 months. I am 41 from Indiana.
  7. Exhaust install solo

    Hardest part is getting the stock exhaust off, its very heavy solo. If you have basic mechanical skill and can jack up a car you will be fine.
  8. Steeda H-Pipe with Roush Axel Backs help

    I had the same setup, I no longer do for that reason. Maybe try to weld in resonators.
  9. floor mats you like.

    I bought these, and they fit great. I think they were cheaper than that when i got them, if I remember somewhere around 100 shipped for front and rear.
  10. My Son's new to him 2019 GT A10

    My dad had a 2013 GT just like your dads, black, same wheels, stick, etc. We both enjoyed our cars and the time spent together. He passed away last year, enjoy every second you can with your dad. Thank you for posting, it was a nice reminder.
  11. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    Rarely but on occasion. Not super anal about it, things clean up.
  12. Your Thoughts on Ford (mustang) Moving To New Car Orders Only

    Maybe you are right but it has already been written in the articles and stuff that one of the main reasons Ford would be interested in this is to get away from rebates. I guess time will tell. Maybe the best thing is if they do plan on going away from rebates, it would force them to step up...
  13. Your Thoughts on Ford (mustang) Moving To New Car Orders Only

    There are pluses and minuses for the manufacturer and consumer if they go that route but I don't see it being where dealers go away completely and I think to force all sales to be orders is silly. The manufacturer will have less extra inventory and will not have to go with rebates or low...
  14. Saleen S302 Yellow label

    If I were spending the 60K range to buy a Saleen, Roush, or GT350 I would pick the GT350. The Shelby will hold value better for sure. It wont be as fast straight line as a supercharged roush or Saleen but will handle better and be better on track. I owned a 2006 Saleen S281 SC and I loved...
  15. Camaro discontinued in 2024. To be replaced by electric sedan

    Electric cars are going to take over once the infrastructure outside of big cities takes a hold. Once you can find a place to top off and for it to be 30 min or less, it will be game over. Eventually they will probably have parking spots like giant wireless charging pads. Top off your...
  16. Recent Car Accident: Hit at Red Light. Now my car is being over sticker by 33K.

    You should talk to your insurance agent about that. You cannot get diminished value in some states in the US and some you can. It could also play a role in how long ago the accident was. You need to contact a professional. Your agent should be fighting for you, especially if the accident was...
  17. My grandparents want to buy me a Saturn but I want a mustang.

    Clearly this is a ridiculous first post but I will indulge. Why are your parents telling you to keep paying insurance when you have no car to pay insurance on? If your old car was totaled, what exactly are you paying insurance on? A fake car?

    Not factory, they are aftermarket leather seats from Katzkin. The car came with cloth seats.
  19. 20x10 Squared Setup. Will it fit?

    Base suspension with no modifications. I do plan on FRPP X springs shortly.