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  1. 300a base radio android auto?

    I'd never be able to use it! I'm barely able to use the Bluetooth as it is!😁
  2. 300a base radio android auto?

    So basically the same as just using Bluetooth?
  3. How loud is Active Exhaust?

    I am really glad I got the AE. Loud enough but not crazy & quiet enough not to wake the neighbors!
  4. 300a base radio android auto?

    What are mobile apps? Or are they for sync 3 equipped cars?
  5. 300a base radio android auto?

    Mine has the same size screen as the first picture but the buttons look at little bit different.
  6. 300a base radio android auto?

    Ok thanks. I plugged my phone in to charge it for the first time & it said android auto was connected. I don't get along with computers thus I got the base gt!
  7. 300a base radio android auto?

    What does the android auto do in a 2020 gt 300a base car? All I can find is info on converting the base sync to a sync 3. Thanks for any help!
  8. Lumbar support for the passenger side?

    This would be nice. My 300A cloth is only on the driver side.
  9. It runs in the family

    This is really a great story!
  10. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    I won't even get take out to eat at home or left overs from eating at a restaurant. I don't want the smell in my car!
  11. 2018 10R80 Dipstick

    It would not be hard to place it over the bell housing & mount it on the drivers side. It was mentioned in this thread that someone had done it.
  12. 2018 10R80 Dipstick

    Did anyone try the b&m transmission dipstick kit yet?
  13. A10 owners, check your oil level!

    Has anyone seen the b&m transmission dipstick for 10r80? It's supposed to be for the f-150 but wonder if it would work for our cars?
  14. A10 owners, check your oil level!

    How hard would it have been to just put a dipstick under the hood. That has worked fine in most cars in the past!