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  1. Boss tensioners

    Hadn't heard of or considered the Gt350 chains. Currently on backorder until late next month, so that won't be happening....
  2. Boss tensioners

    I’m currently doing CSS and OPGs on my 2020 GT in combination with the Whipple install. I have a set of Boss tensioners and the MMR drivers side bracket. I’m wondering if there is any good reason not to install the boss tensioners. I understand there may not be much advantage, but I don’t want...
  3. Thank you Hellion

    Meh... While I don't know the entire situation, no credible installer and/or tuner should have let that car go on the dyno with no fuel system improvements without strongly cautioning you against it.
  4. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    Theoretically there are already twin pump setups that could supply 1000+hp on E. Why is it that no tuner will touch that? Is there some other down side to return that I/we are missing, some reason that it won't work at higher HP? I wouldn't be opposed to spending the money for a dual...
  5. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    Agreed.... Now how do we fix that properly?
  6. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    I don’t know if there is any validity to this, but I found some information on the web indicating that DW pumps really aren’t that good. They claim that DW has falsified their flow rates and that the Waldro pumps actually outperform them. There were flow test to prove it, but who really knows…...
  7. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    Interesting concept, but there must be some good reason that all of the tuners are against returnless. I have yet to hear a valid argument, but with its pluses, there has to be some good reason.
  8. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    The plan has been to end up with at least some portion of those kits all along . Would you be willing to substitute the DW X2 hat, or at least provide a really solid argument as to why I shouldn’t?
  9. Local recommendation for transmission builder

    I'm looking for someone local (VA or southern MD) to upgrade my 10r80. Any suggestions of someone experienced with the 10r80?
  10. Noise after torsen swap

    That will be fine. The Torsen doesn’t actually require a friction modifier, but the use of it will help prevent some low speed turning noises. Ford only added as a NVH preventative.
  11. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    I would like something capable of 1000 with a Whipple on E85. From what I can tell, the returnless upgrades became less viable on Gen 3 when DI came into the picture. Not sure why.
  12. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    I wish someone made a returnless upgrade to support big power, but it doesn't seem to exist so I guess I need a return fuel system. I'm struggling with the idea of always having to have a 1/2 tank of fuel in the car for multiple reasons. It seems like there are a few fuel hats out there that...
  13. Quoted $920 for Lowering Spring Install and Alignment!!

    So, you're well versed in the economics of running an auto repair shop? The average, properly run shop will probably no be making what they should to do that job with customer supplied parts for the price quoted if the previously mentioned book time is correct. Because of this mentality, it...
  14. Florida 2018+ Whipple 10 rib kit new.

    Do you have a part number on this kit? Actual Whipple kit? I'm confused by the Griptec.
  15. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    It's highly unlikely you will see it anytime soon, if at all because it's an SSM and only affects a small number of vehicles. If it's worth $22 dollars to you, you can go here and have access to all of them for 72 hours: You won't find...
  16. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    It’s not a problem across all within the date range, only some per the bulletin. If you are tuned, and under warranty, the burden of proof of what has caused the failure will ultimately fall on you. It could easily cost you more in legal fees to get this covered than the value of the repair...
  17. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    I suppose they are owning it in the fact that they are replacing the head rather than applying a bandaid software fix like they are currently doing with the similar issue on the trucks, but that problem seems to be far more widespread.
  18. LTH primary size

    I'm intrigued..... would you care to share a little bit about the build (clearly non turbo) that made that kind of power?
  19. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    I'm not sure they are really "owning their mistake". They are really just cutting their losses by telling their dealers how to most efficiently resolve the issue and keep warranty claim dollars to a minimum. A TSB or SSM does not entitle you to anything outside of the warranty period.
  20. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    I don't need to. Nice try though. You modify a product, it's no longer the manufacturers problem. Applies to almost every product sold.