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  1. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    Thanks for the link @DemonGT, I posted on that thread, fingers crossed.
  2. New Mustang Pricing = Invoice - 4%

    @Granger Ford Do you guys have any Gt500s at MSRP currently? Been trying to locate one for a while now.
  3. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    I've heard nothing but great things about the DCT so I'm sure once you get comfortable you'll love it and will not miss the manual. I have a C6 Z06 right now and I love rowing gears but it does get tiresome at times.
  4. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    Yea I hear you, I am constantly contacting dealers to see if they will sell for MSRP but we'll see. If anything, I just have the itch since I'm waiting on chevy to reveal the C8 Z06. Once that happens, I most likely will not be interested in the shelby.
  5. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    Damn. But you're in Cali, weather is always so nice there haha. Enjoy the beast man!
  6. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    Did you get it at MSRP?
  7. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    Thanks for your input GRStang, I appreciate the advice. I've been reading about the dreaded chip shortage but I wouldn't mind waiting for a 2021. How long did they say yours would take to build and deliver?
  8. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    I know dealers get cars at well below MSRP but that wasn't my question lol. If people want to pay over MSRP that's their choice, I'm not one to pay over MSRP. I have an early allocation for a C8 Z06 but was entertaining getting a gt500 to mess around until the Z gets here but not willing to play...
  9. 2020 GT500 or 21' GT500 Allocation

    Hi everyone, I am on the hunt for either a left-over 2020 GT500 or a 2021 allocation but do not want to pay any ADM. Is this possible given the car market situation? Does anyone have any leads of a leftover being sold at MSRP or any dealer giving allocations at MSRP? Thank you!
  10. Arizona FOR SALE: 2019 GT Premium, 401A, Performance Pack, Active Corsa Exhaust

    Do you mind PMing me what you got offered for the car on trade? I'm looking to sell my 2019 PP2 with 8k miles and was wondering what stealerships are offering. Thanks!
  11. Florida WTB cat deletes 15-17 GT

    I would sell you my 3-inch MAK cat deletes but I'm in Miami...
  12. Florida WTT for Corsa Sport Axleback

    Hi everyone, I recently installed MAK Cat deletes on my PP2 and it's just too loud with the 3-inch Corsa extremes (Black diamond tips) so I'm looking for someone who would trade either their Corsa Sport or Touring axle-back for the extremes. Must be 3-inch. Located in Miami and would met locally...