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  1. Shortage or being discontinued? MPS4S?

    I love Pirelli's that don't last long but do a great job for the street while they last. But I like fresh tires as well. If you look at tire-rack testing many of the tires are so close in performance, lap times, etc that it's splitting hairs in few second increments at worst, that are...
  2. Tri coat issue?

    It's only a problem ok f the blend area is too small. No color matches perfectly and can just blend to adjacent panels however tricoats may need the entire visible area. The tinted clear is main challenge. So, if it's a bumper probably need to blent both fenders and good, which no ins co will...
  3. From Hand to Mechanical

    You have a precision process. I just wash, mask the trim and tricky edges etc, wool pad deep cut to get all the crud and deep scratches out, mid cut, fine polish, wiping all residues off between stages, and swirl remover. Some times I use the 3M One Step and will use it all the time when...
  4. How To Prepare For a GT (as a daily driver) Coming From an EcoBoost

    Haha quite mode is fine to 1500 RPM then it flaps open. If it was quiet all the time I would have bought the '21 full load grey w red leather MR vert they were discounting $7K on. Euro exhaust it the EU Ford version that meets their noise laws and sounds close to AMG V8 that's totally livable...
  5. How To Prepare For a GT (as a daily driver) Coming From an EcoBoost

    Ecoboost is quicker off the line 0-30, far smoother and quieter. Keep in mind most girls find loud cars very annoying and there is no way to quieten GT outside of spending $3K+ on euro exhaust that you'll have to import. Finally additional weight of GT means winter stopping takes longer. I...
  6. HOW TO: Swap PP gauges into standard model

    Was it plug and play then?
  7. Sync3 apps

    What streaming music apps can I download to sync 3? I know all about the device integration etc just don't want to lose any fidelity with signals.
  8. My favorite photo

    Yes no room for the girls/boyz to stay over more than one or two nights haha.
  9. Mustsng sales down challenger tskes lead

    I did buy a FIAT 500 in 2012 was so much fun, until a texting cement truck driver nearly ran me over while I was stopped at the lights for left turn across opposite lanes. Good think I saw him in the mirror and was able to gas it. Dumped the car with 12,000 miles on it for a mere $800 loss...
  10. Mustsng sales down challenger tskes lead

    Dodge / Jeep attract subprime buyers who need 96 mth finance. I will never get one for that very reason . Do have decent product though.
  11. Wheel Size vs ride quality

    IMO 19s look good and with P7 AS+II should have a great ride and good street handling but there are some very nice 18" wheels that also look good with taller sidewalls thanks to Mustang's side profile.
  12. Order timeline questions

    Ordered my base vert 101A, AE, 19" wheels, crystal interior Sept 17th expecting it in late Jan to mid Feb.
  13. Ford tracker website

    Maybe all ordered are canceled so they can add another $5 K on the price sending everyone to BMW lol.
  14. S550 fomoco track package brakes

    I ordered base with smallest brakes 320 MM (F&R) with 2 piston calipers front and single piston caliper rear. I since learned the track pack brakes are not Brembo branded so I'll pass. Thank you Roadway 5.0 - I forgot about the what things weigh thread my bad.
  15. Anyone else own a antimatter blue gt convertible?

    Looks great with the tan seats. Fabric? How do you like them?
  16. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    Yeah I know the top 0.0005 % of drivers can maybe extract an additional 1/1000 the of a second once in 50 laps. The software configs are so good with so many maps and computing power it's ridiculous. Few humans can compete. This under steer issue is best discovered by removing any mods...
  17. S550 fomoco track package brakes

    Have a chance to buy new take offs for incoming Ecoboost vert base - anyone know what the approx weight penalty will be ?
  18. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    Weight is everything! Can't get more than 350 hp to the ground on the street with rwd anyway, and more HP only usable on Autobahn at night, or track, or posing at cars and coffee - all fun things.