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  1. Need help deciding a Catback Exhaust!

    Here’s another option for you. My coworkers good friend installed this and it sounds amazing.
  2. Need help deciding a Catback Exhaust!

    The X-pipe resonator delete is always an option too. The H-pipe with the OEM axle back has a wicked note vs. the X-pipes. Tips, there’s an endless array of option that can be easily fitted to the OEM outlets. Take a few minutes and consider Mazman’s opinions.
  3. Need help deciding a Catback Exhaust!

    I have neither but you may want to think over one of the better H-Pipe resonator deletes and keep the OEM axle back.
  4. Stainless works gt350 vs gt long tube headers

    I’m mostly referring to the 5.2 / 180° crankshaft power curve with stepped tube and the inherent frequencies that will crack tubing and welds.
  5. Stainless works gt350 vs gt long tube headers

    Post #12 summed it up for you. IMO, I’d be a bit concerned the headers are not stepped tube designed and there is no provision for attaching the OEM exhaust damper.
  6. Stainless works gt350 vs gt long tube headers
  7. 2015-2021 MAK Performance Exhaust Upgrade Pipes

    Giants such as Holley Brands are running into issues getting EO’s (Exemption Orders). The few that do testing are backlogged for a year or more. Holley is moving forward with their own testing facility to expedite EO’s. This new compliant era has turned into a real “THING” and those that don’t...
  8. Illinois STEEDA CLOSED LID w/OEM lower box

    I don’t have the insert. Steeda sells that part separately if needed.
  9. Tru-x Resonator?
  10. LTH primary size

    Did you miss my comment about the Horse being the imperial unit & work done over time ? I already covered the Dyno load cell measuring force and the magic number 5252 used in the over simplified HP equation. My posts address the statement Horse Power doesn’t exist.
  11. LTH primary size

    First the horse needed to be strapped to the test stand to establish a consistent output and then validate that value. James Watt did this and documented the value at 33,000 ft#/minute. This benchmark hasn’t changed since and is still the accepted industry standard. No need for a physics lesson.
  12. LTH primary size

    Correct, that is the quick easy formula to arrive at a Horse Power figure. Horse Power can absolutely be measured. Gimmie11 stated Horse Power doesn’t exist. Horse Power is a real tangible unit of measurement. Work over Time. 33,000 #/min One Horsepower is defined as 33,000 lb-ft / minute...
  13. Throttle body

    DM Bret and ask him about his CNC modded 5.0 Coyote 80mm TB
  14. Mt82-d4 torque limit ?

    Clutches are not part of Getrags transmission GVWR.
  15. Mt82-d4 torque limit ?

    This is a bit tough to answer. Getrag rates their transmission by GVWR. The MT-82 is used in many fleet type vehicles, trucks buses you name it. If memory serves me correctly I believe the MT-82 is rated at 750 foot pounds @ 8000 GVWR. I haven’t taken the time to figure out the conversion to a...
  16. Best tune for 2018 manifold swap keeping IMRCs on a 2016 GT

    The early 5.0 manifolds have weak plastic runner actuation rods. The GT350 has steel, another reason to consider this manifold. I’m unsure what material rod is used on the 18+ manifold ?