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  1. Thoughts on wraps

    Thought about doing it, then thought it’s a waste of MY money... key word my but to each their own.
  2. Do you Daily your Mustang?

    See some have and overpriced garage trophy then... nothing wrong with that...
  3. Do you Daily your Mustang?

    Sunny Florida and I daily drive this mass produced 5.oh beast...
  4. Ford Sync V3.4 official update

    Recently received my update... it appears it was either my WIFI or over the air.
  5. New Sync Update

    Seems the new software loaded on its own. I like the new look, however I seems to have erased my previous navigation choices.... Is there anything else I need to be aware of in the software update?
  6. Deer Strike :(

    Wow 7k... sorry man let us know how it turns out.
  7. Water in speakers

    So the small speakers that are on the pillar on each side of the windshield... I noticed one leaking water today after a rain storm... Is this common?
  8. Jack Roush Mustang I’d say just supercharge a PP2, Mach 1, or GT350...?
  9. 19 Mustang PP1 one year later

    What’s up with these Whipple SC installs... is it really worth the 10 grand... ‍♂️
  10. Which Mustang would you buy?

    Read the 1st page and this one... get the 2019.
  11. 19 Mustang PP1 one year later

    Nice ride... did you paint the calipers red? Also you managed to score it for 10k off OTD?
  12. Sirus XM

    Yeah I knew some credit card companies do it... Do you use a major bank? Curious to see who offers it...?
  13. Sirus XM

    They called me over the phone and I had to give them my actual CC... tried a Gift card I had lying around and no dice..
  14. Extended Warranty.. did you, or did you not?

    Probably so... is it transferable?
  15. Used S550 Prices going up?

    The problem I am finding with all of this is that you can definitely sell you car and come out in a great spot! The only issue I am seeing is the purchase of a new car.... they aren’t really trying to deal much from what I’ve seen... they’re dealing a little bit with certain brands. I honestly...
  16. 0% for 84 months Financing on 2019 Mustangs (not including GT350)

    One time on my Dodge I got 0% and the rebates... ended up with still about 15 grand in positive equity when I traded it in 2 years for my Challenger... when that got stolen I got the Mustang.
  17. Sirus XM

    maybe that’s not all access then and it’s just the basic which would be good enough for me... but I pay for Apple Music these subscriptions can definitely get you you...
  18. Sirus XM

    I did the $2 sea but won’t continue it... Apple Music works just fine For me...
  19. Used S550 Prices going up?

    Yeah I have seen the values go up... I am also in south Florida. At first it looked like it was a bad time... guess since so many are out of stock it what’s drives the used values up... but I don’t know.
  20. Sirus XM

    Yeah my whole thing is even at $60 a year I have Apple Music which is $10/$11 a month so that’s already $120 a year there.