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  1. Why does Insurance keep going up?

    Ill ride my bike!! LOL:cheers:
  2. Why does Insurance keep going up?

    Yeah, I get it, but why not put those drivers in an at risk pool that doesn't affect everyone, I mean if i have to pay for that idiot in the video above and prices continue to rise then eventually we are all stuck with 1000 dollar monthly payments.
  3. Why does Insurance keep going up?

    I agree with OP, It appears that Car Insurance should be cheaper with all the nannies we have on our vehicles these days, My progressive Insurance quote appears to be going up about 20-40 per 6 months for the past 18 mos. My Vehicles are paid off, I have no tickets, accidents etc... I understand...
  4. Guess what? Motortrend favors the Camaro again

    HAHA, Says Norm who owns a mainstream car!! LOL
  5. Guess what? Motortrend favors the Camaro again

    Sales absolutely mean everything to enthusiast, You cant play if you cant buy!
  6. February Sales

    GM Made a Mistake putting AL O in charge, As his ego is bigger than his brain. The guy needs to start over and bring back the cars roots.
  7. February Sales

    That one will rile up the boys! LOL:lol:
  8. January 2018 Sales

    I'm not so sure its effective, maybe for certain metrics in performance, 1 lap wonders, harsh riding vehicles isn't gonna cut it, Look at the sales of all their Performance cars, If you wanna make money build a car that people will buy not what Camaro 5 wants.:lol:
  9. January 2018 Sales

    The paint sniffers at GM must a got a batch of Mosica Black paint that is missing on their cars. LOL
  10. January 2018 Sales

    Please, Again Ford didn't stop innovating; Now ill give you that GM has accelerated that process with their "parts bins specials" lately, but that also has accelerated these cars to be far more expensive in such a short time period. At this rate with Camaro selling in such low numbers, I would...
  11. January 2018 Sales

    Im not so sure about that.... Do you remember the 01 CobraR 03-04 Cobras, 05-06 Ford GT gt500 etc.? these cars raised the bar back then and Chevrolet decided to play again with the 5th gen. The Camaro Needs the Mustang Far more then the other way around. :thumbsup:
  12. January 2018 Sales

    And how much more money are they now? Chevy might of pushed the bar but they also pushed the price up for both cars, so it can indeed have a negative affect also.
  13. Ford GT vs ZR1 at Virginia International Raceway

    Like I have said in previous threads, My Family and I got burnt by GM at one point, caused us a lot of money,time and heartache and will never go back to GM again, Sorry that's just the way it is, now owning a F150, Stang and Edge Sport I see why Ford is better. You can call me a Hater all you...
  14. Ford GT vs ZR1 at Virginia International Raceway

    Exactly, Ones a True Racecar and ones Partbin special Corvette, Just like the Camaro's. Chevrolet can try all they want but a Supercar is special, Mid Engine Corvette or not, its still a corvette. It can be cool fast etc.... but again its just a vette. Ford GT are special, same year Corvette...
  15. Ford GT vs ZR1 at Virginia International Raceway

    Except one (Vette)will depreciate in value by alot and one will appreciate in value by alot. Sorry these cars are not on the same level bro.
  16. January 2018 Sales

    It specifically says Retail Sales, not all sales. ---Cheers
  17. January 2018 Sales

    It is not all Doom and Gloom if the Camaro dies. GM can only thank itself for that. There is competition everywhere and I agree competition breeds innovation as long as the playing field is the same, Just because the Camaro Is its US rival doesn't mean Ford will stop innovating. I remember...
  18. January 2018 Sales

    LOL, UltraZLnone is hilarious, him and blackwhole trash the Mustang all the time, it's as if he's treating the camaro/gm as a person LOL. ULTRAZL1, Don't worry Bro, GM will just go bankrupt again and we the tax payers will gladly bring them back to life. The 2030 Camaro is going to be...
  19. Ford GT vs ZR1 at Virginia International Raceway

    So the Corvette is faster for 1 lap. What happens after lap 5, Is heat going to slow it down? or does it also have 12 coolers, I would imagine even with the cooling it will slow down some? Thoughts?
  20. January 2018 Sales

    When you get burnt by said company, maybe you will understand that there are probably a million reasons LOL .:cheers: