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  1. Science is now cancelled?

    Sadly pregnant women and women of childbearing age are one of the groups reluctant to get vaccinated.
  2. Science is now cancelled?

    37,000 cases/day 7 day moving average seems very high to be "endemic" in the UK. Your highest peak ever was 59,000/day. That's the equivalent of 180K cases/day here in the states!
  3. Science is now cancelled?

    To be fair, the same statement applies to the vaccinated.
  4. Science is now cancelled?

    Anything new here after a week of fishing in Canada? Apparently not. In any event, Canadians are pissed that us fully vaccinated Americans can go to Canada for pleasure, yet fully vaccinated Canadians still cannot come to the US.
  5. Science is now cancelled?

    I'm not 65 yet so ineligible at this time. But will get one when it is.
  6. Science is now cancelled?

    Just got my flu vaccine at CVS in NJ. Large number of older folks getting covid boosters.
  7. Science is now cancelled?

    Sure if the reference was infections, but it seems pretty clear he was referring to fatalities. What's going on down under - rubber bullets now?
  8. Science is now cancelled?

    What "thousands of parents"? You do realize that 464 children in total (0 -17) have died of covid since the pandemic started? During the same time period, 188 children died of influenza? And in the 2018/2019 flu season (half the current covid period) 477 children died of influenza...
  9. Do you drive in quiet mode?

    Quiet mode??
  10. Science is now cancelled?

    Except all states have exemptions - either religious, medical or philosophical (15 states!). This is why there are still outbreaks of diseases like measles and mumps...
  11. Science is now cancelled?

    Interesting that you deleted your post from earlier. I read thru it earlier but had to go out for a bike ride. Don't recall all the specifics but you seemed to question the US government's legal authority to donate vaccines to other countries. Or to make any "charitable donations" on behalf of...
  12. Another 2020 engine failure

    Yes that is the case for me. I'm not concerned with re-sale value - my GT350 has been amazing to own and drive. Even when it was consuming oil, it wasn't apparent by performance. No other issues with this car!
  13. Another 2020 engine failure

    Bummer to hear but is this a more than average failure issue? Years ago people were keeping spreadsheets on reported failures and motors replaced due to excess oil consumption. My 2017 is in the latter category - replaced at 9000 miles (was consuming 1 qt/250 miles). My 2nd motor after 23K...
  14. Science is now cancelled?

    Haven't been tested yet (except blood test for previous exposure last year). But going fishing in Canada next week so need a neg PCR test for entry.
  15. Science is now cancelled?

    I think his question refers to duration of protection - measles is basically lifetime protection after 2 doses. The reason as I understand it is that if the measles virus mutates and its surface proteins change, it is no longer infectious. Covid (and influenza) can and has mutated its surface...
  16. Science is now cancelled?

    Yep that happens to some people as well.
  17. Science is now cancelled?

    Everyone has different responses but most have a stronger reaction after the 2nd dose. My shoulder got very sore within hrs after my 2nd (Pfizer) and I was really tired the next day.
  18. Science is now cancelled?

    There are many different types of vaccines - earlier ones used dead or attenuated viruses. See the link for more details. mRNA vaccines work similarly to subunit vaccines which inject a piece of the targeted microorganism - HPV, Hepatitus B, whooping cough, shingles, etc. With mRNA vaccines...
  19. Science is now cancelled?

    Update - the panel did recommend boosters for 65+ and those at high risk (comorbidities).
  20. Science is now cancelled?

    Good move by FDA panel. Better to focus on getting more unvaxxed first: