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  1. Is window tint cool or lame?

    To me tint is functional. I just did 15% lumar on my gt, I thought I was going light but after reading through this thread Im not sure. Cost $210. It was my sixth vehicle done at same shop and I believe that cost is typical for my area I have my work truck at 5% but typically don’t drive it...
  2. Show me your steering wheels/covers

    Whoops, meant to post this a long time ago. Here's the guy. Also as far as the paddles go, I was so thrilled with how it turned out I bought an identical one for my Gf's Ford Fusion. swapping the paddles was really...
  3. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Not too new, been around for a little while. I had one before I re-did my entire audio system. It works great. If you call Joe he will sell you just the harness too. I think its like 60 bucks and has a 17ft run to the trunk from the T harness at the amp. I have since replaced it with a DSR1 and...
  4. New Mustang direct fit Flowforged by MRR wheels Preview

    100% agree they are one of the best looking wheels for this car and I still don't get why they went out of prod. The M600 and SVE's very similar looking GT7 wheel both disappeared at the same time. If they actually are back in production I would be thrilled as I was dumb and bought 2 rear...
  5. Show me your steering wheels/covers

    Here's mine. Full Nappa leather with perforated sides, couldn't be happier and really elevated the feel. Install took maybe 20-30 minutes.
  6. Check Engine Light - P0202

    Happy days...she came home last night. Turns out it was a pin fit issue on the #2 fuel injector wiring harness connector. Here is what is quoted on the service ticket: "code p0202 contacted hotline due to vehicle not currently misfiring concern not present other than CEL, ran ppt replaced #2...
  7. Almost Ready for Ceramic

    Kent you are going deep into the rabbit hole. well done! JP Don't forget to wipe it down before ceramic with the proper prep and wear gloves!!!!
  8. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    That's my bad for not clarifying, point was that the CLS and 8 series are NOT competition, due to their price and power occupying the upper end of the market. Assuming the Mustang keeps the V8 it would hold the middle bracket of coupe-like sedans. I see it playing out like this: High end: 8...
  9. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    It most likely would be RWD and a more direct competitor to the Kia stinger. The A5 comparison isn’t worthwhile as it’s far less powerful in every variant aside from the RS5 and the A6 is a full blown sedan and not even close, and that’s before you consider price. the rakish coupe like sedan...
  10. Things you'd like to see added to this gen or in the next gen Mustang

    I would love to see some additional roof options added. Other things on my list include: Additional leather color options(A nice natural brown color like BMW's Tartufo would be nice) HUD(for those asking, it's not just about a speedometer, modern ones give nav directions) Widescreen...
  11. New Steering wheel just came in

    I want to say it was about 4 weeks. Would have been a little faster but there was a snafu with customs not understanding the product description.
  12. New Steering wheel just came in

    Yupp. I was skeptical as well but the risk paid off for once.
  13. MRR Design wheels Authorized dealer: M600 M350 FS01 FS02 | Mustang S550 fitments

    Hi, I was under the impression that these wheels were no longer being produced. Has that changed?
  14. New Mustang direct fit Flowforged by MRR wheels Preview

    I might have to consider this as an option. DM how much you want for the 19x10/11 set
  15. New Steering wheel just came in

    Pretty easy to put on honestly. Park the car with the wheels straight on, disconnect the battery and be careful to not turn the wheel at all when you remove the bolt and you're good to go. Took me longer to swap all the buttons/trim than it did to uninstall and install
  16. New Steering wheel just came in

    I paid $350 after offering $300. As far as thickness it might be a tiny bit thicker than the OEM GT350 wheel but I can't say for sure as I haven't measured.
  17. New Steering wheel just came in

    I believe the 18+ airbag is slightly different in size
  18. New Steering wheel just came in

    one More photo after installation
  19. New Steering wheel just came in

    appreciate it, a lot of what you mentioned is why I ordered this one, I didn’t want crazy carbon fiber or wacky grooves. Just a really nice perforateleather wheel. I didn’t provide any special instructions, very straightforward purchase and I couldn’t be more please since I was looking at $350...
  20. New Steering wheel just came in

    Assembled the wheel. No gaps or fitment issues aside from the tiniest gap between the leather and the plastic on the back side of the wheel where I very rarely touch(pictured). Otherwise it's perfect.