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  1. Pennsylvania Stock GT axle shafts

    Make me an offer!
  2. Pennsylvania Stock GT axle shafts

    That's tough. The shafts are pretty heavy and I assume they are going to run $60-80 to ship though I'm not sure. By the time shipping is included, it might be cheaper for you to find a set locally. If you're interested anyways I can check and see how much it would cost.
  3. Pennsylvania Stock GT axle shafts

    Pssst, if you make that guy an offer chances are good that he'll take it since this is the last Mustang thing he has in his garage.
  4. Pennsylvania Stock GT axle shafts

    I bought a pair of axle shafts from a low mileage GT in which the owner replaced them with higher HP shafts when he added a super charger. Bought them as backups in case I snapped one at the strip. Anyways the Mustang is gone and these are the only thing left to sell. $120 OBO. Located south of...
  5. Pennsylvania Slicks and skinnies

    Sold my Mustang so I'm looking to sell my slicks and skinnies. Hoosier 28 x 10 x 17 slicks and M&H Racemaster 4.5 x 28 x 18 front runners mounted on Dark Star (black chrome Race Star) wheels. Asking $1,500 obo. Located south of Pittsburgh, willing to drive a couple hours to meet a buyer. I ran...
  6. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Not really a meme but funny as hell. =)
  7. Pennsylvania Forscan Tool - USB to OBD2 connection

    Selling the Mustang and don't need this. I bought it to make adjustments with Forscan and never ended up using it. New in the bag. $22 $18 shipped in the 48 states, PayPal preferred.
  8. Manual Auto Blip for rev matched down shifts

    $280 OBO, shipping included
  9. Manual Auto Blip for rev matched down shifts

    Sold my Mustang and the Auto Blip must go. Should work on all 2011-2016 Mustangs to my knowledge. 2017 on there are two different reference voltages and you have to know which yours is to make sure you get the right unit. This one is 5V, some are 12V. You can get more information about that...
  10. Mach 1 Options Prices

    Somehow I would bet those are well out of my price range. =)
  11. Mach 1 Options Prices

    There are a lot of options if you're willing to look at the used market, even cars with very low mileage. Helps that I don't really care about a trunk either. I am not even thinking Camaro's, Challengers, etc. I am thinking more along the lines of something unique for that kind of money, not the...
  12. Mach 1 Options Prices

    I agree, totally different animals, all of them. Not sure what I'm going to do. I probably won't do anything real soon since winter is headed in and I won't be really driving any of them until spring anyways so no rush. Just thinking of options and trying to figure out which way I'd like to go...
  13. Mach 1 Options Prices

    I have a dealer that I called about pricing and he is going to order a Mach1 optioned out the way I'd want it. This is after telling him I'm not sure I am even going to get into one. He said he's going to order it with my name and I have no obligation to buy. If I decide I don't want it when it...
  14. Mach 1 Options Prices

    So I called the dealer I bought my GT from just to get pricing. Optioned it out the way I want it...I think anyways lol. Not sure the options were totally clear. Anyways he said he was going to place the order even after I told him I'm not sure I want to do it or not. He said he'd attach my name...
  15. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    I am not ported no. I discussed that with my tuner and he said for the money he didn't think the gain was worth it. I went with his recommendation. The intake is an Airaid. He said he has had good luck with them and doesn't like the open top CAI's as they pull in too much heat from the engine...
  16. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    So I haven't been on the forum much and apparently being busy in life with other things haven't thought much about my Mustang either. I'm in PA so it's been put up as of late. Anyways I forgot I was catless when I first did the exhaust. My wife hated the smell and I don't want her to not enjoy...
  17. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    LMAO, didn't catch what I wrote lol. 439!!! LOL
  18. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    I have that exact setup. Got 339 to the wheels after dyno tune. That is catless.