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  1. For all the not so happy crowd hearing just 760HP nothing special poll

    488 Pista doesn't need that 'extra 50 HP'...…. It's weight is approximately 2,822 lbs.
  2. Mustang Shelby GT500 will produce 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque

    Ford did something very similar when G.M. released their LT1 (455hp). They bumped the horsepower in their Coyote engine to 460hp.
  3. American Muscle - Maple Grove

    Noticed that it didn't have an oil catch can....
  4. Official 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang Press Release, Specifications, Photos & Videos

    A gamble that is worth taking.... and Ford realizes it. I’m sure they take notice of other manufacturers that develop cars with class-leading performance, grip and handling. And with technological level of integration these cars offer, a manual transmission would only reduce their...
  5. Official 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang Press Release, Specifications, Photos & Videos

    @Epiphany, Not to change the subject.... What is your view when it comes to Tremec in GT 500, in comparison to 7DCL750?
  6. Is the GT500 announcement expected to impact GT350 prices?

    In that case.... you might be disappointed with Ford GT. DCT is pretty much the choice for Supercar manufacturers. And wasn’t it the Ferrari that actually invented the F1-style, steering-wheel-mounted paddle shift decades ago? So...... their drivers no longer had to take their hands off the...
  7. Miscellaneous GT350 items... All Sold.

    Tire price dropped to $700
  8. Miscellaneous GT350 items... All Sold.

    PM sent...
  9. Miscellaneous GT350 items... All Sold.

    I will be at Logan later on tonight as well. Which items are you interested in?
  10. Miscellaneous GT350 items... All Sold.

    Here you’ll find several GT350 related items for sale. 1. Four Brand New Michelin Super Sport tires for GT350, to be sold as a set. $700 Front: 295/35ZR19 Rear: 305/35ZR19 >SOLD 2. Caliperfexion Stainless Front with Blue Extention knobs. (New) $100 > SOLD 3. FP Blue Air Filter. Was...
  11. GT350 Clutch Pedal Vibration

    I had the same problem with my SS (LS3). Since clutch fluid & brake fluid share the same tank.... I wanted to isolate the clutch fluid reservoir. Also... had a remote steel bleeder line for T6060. I’ve been thinking of doing a dedicated clutch reservoir for GT350.... for easier fluid change.
  12. My GT350R will likely be my last Ford car.

    Truth is.... Drum is right. ‘With all due respect’.... (your favorite phrase) There is no excuse for bad quality.... Poor quality has a negative effect on resale values and it turns off existing owners, forcing the company to spend extra to draw in new buyers who have not yet suffered through...
  13. not waiting for failure who builds a fully forged sleved gen 3 at this time

    Then change the year of your SS under your username..... get it right.:gossip:
  14. not waiting for failure who builds a fully forged sleved gen 3 at this time

    Let’s just say that it’s as good as your LS3 in your SS.....
  15. Dean Martin's GT4 Mustang

    I wonder if the same type of failure could occur with a “hybrid” design, which is a carbon-fiber wrapped aluminum shaft..... On a side note, Epiphany, I really enjoy reading your coverage of these races. Thank you.
  16. '18 R - Who Has The Highest "JR###" So Far?

    In 1992, there were only 1412 Yugos sold in the USA. Does that make one a collector? Only if you're trying to prove not all cars are made with any kind of quality. The production numbers are irrelevant. Another example would a friends 1929 Porter Touring. A VERY rare car but won't bring beer...
  17. Saw my first GT350 Thursday/Friday!

    Not Knowing When to Stop — I understand as well or better than anyone, the urge to modify your car. I like objects, especially cars, to be “mine.” It’s not enough to have a GT350; I need my GT350 to be different from all the other GT350’s, I might see on the road. I get that. But you have to...
  18. JLT OIL Separator

    Although they look identical..... JLT has them listed under two different part #’s. It might have something to do with the hose size and not the actual catch can.
  19. 2019 GT350 Upgrades: Tech, Aerodynamics and Other GT500 Track Improvements

    When it comes to capabilities.... certainly 1LE can burn up the track. Unless, you have a driver who lacks some capabilities. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. :D:D:D
  20. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Both GT350 and the ‘R’ are unique in many ways... However, engine issues and new updates to ‘19 GT350..... will have an effect on dealers profit margin, when it comes to an ‘R’. And as Ford prepares to to release the GT500, it could also have some influence on dealer pricing. On a side...