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  1. Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    Sorry for digging up old post, but does this mean that I can run a square 295 on the newer 18x10" ET40 without any clearance issue both front and rear? Do you know if this owner is on factory studs as well? I have Brembo Brake, BC Coilover, and factory studs. Thanks!
  2. Introducing Titan7 Forged Aluminum Wheels. Affordable Forged Wheels!

    Hey Josh, is the labor weekend special going on? I know it's a few days past but doesn't hurt to ask haha Also, does the 18x10 clear the Brembo brakes? Thanks!
  3. North Carolina New Michelin PS4S

    Oh man.. 4hr is a bit of a drive haha I'll think it over and will lyk!
  4. North Carolina New Michelin PS4S

    Where in NC are you located? I’m visiting Tail of the Dragon during Labor Day weekend Could potentially meetup then?
  5. California 19" Project6GR wheels+tires $1600

    Any interest in shipping ? I'm located in Atlanta, GA ZIP code 30044
  6. Virginia Steeda 1-3/8" Adjustable Front Sway Bar - $150

    Hi S7N, any chance that you'll ship this to Atlanta, GA? Thanks
  7. Georgia Project 6GR Ten 20x10, 20x11 w/ Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 - $1,900 (SOLD)

    Hey Krisk, sent you a PM Please check! I’m located in Atlanta
  8. Georgia Steeda G-Trac K-Member brace

    Oof, that's too far for me haha Let me know if you ever come drop by the Atlanta area, we can meet up if our schedules align Besides that, GLWS!
  9. Georgia Steeda G-Trac K-Member brace

    Hey , where in southeast are you located in? I'm in the Gwinnett area.
  10. Louisiana 18-20 Roush Cold Air Intake (new price)

    Is there any significant sound difference from this vs stock airbox?
  11. Georgia California Pony Cars GT350/R Splash Guards/Mud Guards

    Are they specifically for GT350/R only? Also, is this the front only?
  12. Florida Complete Husky WeatherBeater Liner Set - Front, back, and trunk

    Could you check how much it'll cost to ship the trunk only to 30044? Thanks
  13. Oklahoma Ford All weather floor mats

    How much for trunk separately shipped to 30044?
  14. North Carolina 2017 PP wheels and tires

    Would you be willing to deliver to ATL GA?
  15. Adding PP2 Splitter to PP1 car

    Could you link? How's the quality/finish?
  16. Pennsylvania OEM GT350 Wheels, 19 x 10.5 / 19 x 11 - $900 picked up

    Thanks for the quick reply, cheers!
  17. Pennsylvania OEM GT350 Wheels, 19 x 10.5 / 19 x 11 - $900 picked up

    Sorry to post on an old thread, but did you have any rubbing issues with 295/35/19s in the front? Especially when you turn your steering wheel all the way? (Purchasing a set of OEM GT350 wheels to put on my 2020 GT as well) Thanks!
  18. Georgia WTB: Takeoff PP1 or GT350 Wheels & Tires near ATL, GA

    Hey guys, Prefer brand new takeoffs (Clean, no damage, with good tire tread) But please let me know what you have! Prefer to stay local but willing to travel to neighboring states of Georgia Please let me know! Thanks
  19. Nevada OEM 2020 GT strut tower brace

    Let me know when you decide if you're willing to ship
  20. Pennsylvania PP1 Wheels-Sold

    Would you ship this to Georgia 30324?