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  1. Virginia Wtb: 15-17 front bumper any color

    Looking for a 15-17 front bumper preferably in magnetic but I will take any color. Located in VA will pickup within reasonable distance
  2. 2015 GT Custom Twin Turbo Kit Under 4k

    Good to know! I think my tune is pretty good right now I literally researched for months and asked a million questions over on the HP Tuners forum. Always good to have other minds to bounce things off of though. I'll shoot you a PM.
  3. 2015 GT Custom Twin Turbo Kit Under 4k

    Thanks, I know this line has been moved over a year ago now it was just a temp thing at the moment. In all honesty the surge really isn't really a big deal especially with an automatic since you aren't on and off the gas during WOT. Even then I'd still say tis debatable. The MAF has actually...
  4. Virginia RTR Tech 7 - $1500

    Any pics of these on the car?
  5. Maryland 20” Foundry wheels

    How negotiable on price? The tires are the only thing holding me back from coming to get these lol.
  6. Care to share an Hptuner log config file?

    Fortunately we aren't comparing tuning a ls to a coyote hence the reason he asked this question. The link I sent has a nice set of channels which can be used for any tune to be logged regardless of who did it.
  7. Care to share an Hptuner log config file?

    this is wrong... the channel setup is universal
  8. Care to share an Hptuner log config file?

    Are you looking to learn to tune yourself? I would recommend going to the hp tuners forum vs looking for help here there is a TON of info over there.
  9. Care to share an Hptuner log config file?

    i have a ton of logs to share with random data what exactly are you looking for?
  10. Deatschwerks X2 Series Fuel Hat

    For wiring I just used (2) 4-wire relays. It's literally the same thing such as the Lethal wiring kit minus the plug and play adapter which is nice but IMO highly overpriced because it's so simple to remake yourself. My wiring setup with fuse holders maybe cost $10? Their kit is $159.99 and we...
  11. Deatschwerks X2 Series Fuel Hat

    I did and I love it. Install is smooth if you have mechanical knowledge. I believe since it uses the stock hat you don't have the issue with running lean at 1/4. I just ordered an 8AN and 6AN PTFE hose line kit from amazon, both came with fittings. Just went with a basic Holley FPR and fuel...
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  17. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    did the motor blow or just building a motor on the side?
  18. Whose made 700+whp on pump?

    wtf did this thread turn into, lmao