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  1. Catastrophic Engine failure

    People abused "the customer is always right" motto. Go basically anywhere and htere will be someone trying to screw the store over by just screaming loudly basically.
  2. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    I had charge temp issues with my stock location intercooler where on track (race track not dragstrip) I was seeing like 40c (not F!) over IAT temps on the straights, I upgraded the intercooler and that went away (10c over IAT at the same point of the same straight). Log your charge temps if you...
  3. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    So Ive posted a couple of these before, but here is another Virtual Dyno output now that Ive added a bigger intercooler (Mishimoto to Whipple) and a Mishimoto Catted Downpipe with a 3" connection to my MBRP catback, which yes was cut to make that happen. Stock was everything in my garage except...
  4. 2019 Ecoboost gets active-valve exhaust

    What Ive read is that the stock resonator is a big restriction point, and in that case opening up the mufflers probably doesn't affect it too much.
  5. Is this hissing really normal?

    Your turbo will have some oil blowby that will get into the BOV anyhow
  6. 2.3 limits, mods and issues

    Thin cylinder walls are the limit of safely going over 400 wheel. Some people have re-enforced the block, others say that doesnt' remove the weakness. Hence the replacement block comments, you use a closed deck 2.0L block bored to 2.3L which has better cylinder wall re-enforcement
  7. The big Intercooler thread.

    Who's your tuner? you could datalog and send it to them and ask if you have a pro tune.
  8. The big Intercooler thread.

    Damn, my first question was if you have the power pack with the bigger radiator, and yep you do by your profile. Sure its not another temp that also drops with oil temps? (although charge temps would drop WAY faster then oil temps)
  9. Boost Guage

    Yeat at WOT you shouldn't be looking at it, Cobb shows min and max for each monitored value which helps a lot, or you log it and look at the table later
  10. Upgraded Charge Pipe Clamps
  11. Aftermarket intercooler with stock tune

    WHich is the same radiator Ford Performance use for their track car builds, if it can handle that, it can handle what we throw at them
  12. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    Ive posted a few graphs from my car in this thread comparing stock to NX2 turbo with only a tune change, no other mods. Also getting a catted downpipe and bigger intercooler very very soon (1-2 weeks) then Ill get that new tune dialled in and Ill post again.
  13. It's like a ghost town in here....-

    We can run 400WHP and there are basically 3 ways to get there (Meth, Port injection + E85 / Big turbo) plus supporting mods. After the NX2 nothing big has come out, a different intercooler here, every catless downpipe is the same, E85 by replacing the stock injectors costs way too much, so...
  14. In me Tarago, behind a 2017 GT.. I cannot hear its exhaust.

    Ecoboosts stock in the 15-17 range are damn near silent, I put a quieter aftermarket exhaust on mine so you can atleast hear it. Fake noises are pumped into the cabin stock so the driver will believe there is some noise there. GTs are quieter then you'd expect until they step on it, which...
  15. Whose gonna be the test mule???

    I have the regular DV+ with the recirc hose disconnected so Id be interested in if it sounds better then what I have
  16. New A10 EcoBoost Vert. Worthwhile mods?

    Lund is crap for anyone but drag racers, Ford Performance if you stick to their mods come with warranty but you may have problems with the mods you have. Sounds like its a done deal though. In any case it will make the car perform way better anyhow, but a Cobb Accessport and pro tune would get...
  17. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    My main concern with meth is Ive seen people who let the tank go dry, or the nozzle fails and hand grenade their engine, so Im avoiding it. E30 would be an easier setup to go with, especially if you get a bluetooth ethonol content tester and wire that in.
  18. Forscan for a 2019 Ecoboost

    The app version is very lite as the name says and you cant do much but read stuff. The PC version is what everyone talks about for modifying stuff
  19. Tunes that remove fake engine noise

    Which method did you use to kill the fake exhaust noise? AFAIK doing it with forescan doesn't remove ANC, but unplugging the mic does
  20. Vortech Intercooler

    Because heat from the engine bay starts to get sucked in and heat soak through the CAI box. When you move its all air from the front which is ambient temp. But you basically cant unless its really bad. Saying that, at normal street use you probably wont heatsoak it on the stock tune unless...