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  1. Florida CAI heat soak and STFTs

    Open element CAI? Regardless I wouldn’t worry too much about it with no load and no airflow.
  2. Transmission Issues after tune

    Something is not right. I wouldn't drive it until you get a corrected file. Sounds like the wrong strategy was loaded or something.
  3. Holley Sniper

    All Coyote manifolds will interchange. The difference may be clearance related in the specific chassis or fuel rail, etc. If I had to guess I’d say it may hit the hood on the S550.
  4. TUNERS; 15-17 IMRC control

    I’ll get you something that should work well on Monday. PM me a full mod list and I’ll give you my email.
  5. TUNERS; 15-17 IMRC control

    Do you have a Diablo device handy?
  6. nitrous on a 2017 mustang gt

    There are kits like the NOS one that include the controller and fuel pressure safety switch (not necessary IMO). The controller handles window switch and has 2 programmable ramp rates to soften the initial hit. When set up properly these allows for full traction and optimal performance. If you...
  7. P0050

    Make sure you don’t have a burnt wire somewhere. Not out of the question with headers. Is the sensor switching properly? It’s possible that it’s not getting up to temp quick enough due to the lonbtubes but performing properly once warmed up.
  8. No Tune CAI....?

    Check for a broken ground wire? Guessing all 3 of these sensors are on the same harness?
  9. No Tune CAI....?

    Check all the connectors you unplugged to install the CAI. That’s most likely where your issue lies.
  10. No Tune CAI....?

    Any codes present?
  11. Dragy 60 - 130 Predictor of Horsepower ?

    An oft overlooked benefit of the dragy is the g-meter. It tracks acceleration through the entire pull. If you see the car holding more g’s as you approach 130 mph then it did previously, then you are definitely making more power than it was before. It also charts speed vs. time allowing you to...
  12. Can a tuning shop lock your computer

    I dealt with a guy who bought a used Cadillac from a Carmax or similar dealer. It was still covered by the factory warranty. Shortly after purchase, he ran into some issues, and Carmax took the car to a GM dealer to have the warranty work performed. Step one at the GM dealer? Check the CVNs...
  13. Supercharger Surge Help!

    Multiple people have reported having to have the odin TB replaced more than once before they got a working one. May have nothing to do with the tune or MAF signal at all..
  14. Procharged 2014 overheating issue HELP NEEDED

    Have you ever pulled it through the gears as it’s getting hot to see if the temp levels off or drops by chance?
  15. Anyone have 800+ rwhp with stock cats?

    Tuning is a huge key to making the cats live. Keep in mind cars like the GT500 and Redeyes make really big power while including full warranty and supporting emissions components. If the bricks crack/break, you’ll see metallic flakes show up on your exhaust tips. We got through 2.5 years of...
  16. P0420 Code FI w/ Catted Headers

    I’d guess the codes were previously disabled in the header tune. Likely need to be disabled here or just dealt with.
  17. P0420 Code FI w/ Catted Headers

    Was it tuned for the headers prior to installing the supercharger? If so, it’s possible that the tuner had disabled those codes at that time. My experience has been that most aftermarket catalytic converter’s will still throw these codes. They are generally too efficient to show any change from...
  18. Tire size question for those smarter than me.

    In this case even a 275/40 555RII would work perfectly.
  19. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Very cool. I was surprised to see such a gain from just the cat back exhaust without also replacing the mid pipes. Without any timing/tuning changes, would you guess there’s a power gain from the swap? Did you also monitor boost to see if there was any corresponding drop in pressure on the...
  20. D1x first Pass 1/8mile

    Losing an axle at 120 sounds scary. Gotta assumed there was some sort of manufacturing flaw with that axle? Nice pass. Thing is moving.