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  1. The big Intercooler thread.

    The bumper is going to need to come off, unfortunately.
  2. The big Intercooler thread.

    The Race will fit with the stock crash bar, yes. You want to measure IAT2 with the Cobb AP, not IAT. IAT is up top and IAT2 is post-intercooler. Feel free to give me a shout over PM if you've got any other questions!
  3. AM Generic Stock location Intercooler ...

    If you're going stock location give us a look while you comparison shop. There are plenty of reviews on the site (and via a Google search) but the product page link below has actual data proving the effectiveness of our unit at a comparable price to the AM one...
  4. CV Fabrication Resonator Delete / Y Pipe

    No worries - it's what we're here for! Sorry for the delay as I was out of commission yesterday. Option 2 is your best bet. In regards to option 3, the only option I've seen that's 3" from y-pipe down is something like the MBRP cat back that comes with a 3" y-pipe but uses the reducer between...
  5. CV Fabrication Resonator Delete / Y Pipe

    The y-pipe is 2.5" and connects from the downpipe via a 2.25" band clamp (that is under the car now). Our downpipe is 3" but connects to the y-pipe via the same sized reducer adapter on the other side (3" to 2.25 adapter). Since this post we have introduced a 3" to 3" adapter, but you would...
  6. CV Fabrication Resonator Delete / Y Pipe

    Apologies for this. This was a hang-up with the first batch where the wrong clamps went out - we've since updated the packing list so it should be good to go!
  7. The big Intercooler thread.

    The Cobb is a stock replacement unit. While those are MUCH better than the OEM units they still don't cool as efficiently as a larger front mount intercooler (such as our Race unit above). There are other factors (cast end tanks for better flow, quality of the core's fin pack), but the biggest...
  8. The big Intercooler thread.

    Most expensive doesn't necessary equal best intercooler. Give us a look. Data-backed performance on a large, efficient core (details in the link below) and featured on record-breaking 800hp+ Mustang.
  9. 400 cell catted 3" downpipe

    You can save yourself a good amount of money compared to that Mishi pipe here:
  10. The big Intercooler thread.

    As was said stop and go traffic isn't a great way to measure effectiveness. There's a bit more to it than simply saying <10 degrees over ambient is the goal (such as is it the first pull or several, is the ambient 70 or 90?, etc.) Normal for the Street IC in hotter temps. (60-70 degrees) on the...
  11. CVF street IC made where is it made

    I hear you! No offense taken whatsoever. I just felt it was best to clarify.
  12. CVF street IC made where is it made

    Given the nature of the industry we don't go into details, but I can wholeheartedly tell you that we are anything but a Chinese rebrand. When in doubt ask for the data, and our data - which we purposely display on the product page on our site - doesn't lie.
  13. 2020 Ecoboost mustang Build log

    I may just take you up on the offer once the first batch is out!
  14. 2020 Ecoboost mustang Build log

    😆 I do! We're long overdue for it. We're just catching up on the backlog of product development now. 2020 was an insane year all around!
  15. Roush vs flowmaster

    A y-pipe is a piece of pipe and not much else. The main difference in y-pipes is that some have a more "evenly distributed" flow of air (such as the Roush design) than setups like ours. You also pay twice the price for that design over ours, though. Give our offering at the link below a look...
  16. 2020 Ecoboost mustang Build log

    FFPerformance doesn't make a charge pipe kit as far as I know. They are big on the Full Race offerings, though, so you may have confused the kit name. We have an HKS BOV charge pipe kit on the way as well. It should up on the site within a month or so and release soon thereafter. Our Race...
  17. Question About Upgraded Intercooler

    If it makes a difference, in testing we saw no boost pressure differences in between the Race and Street. The Race was even featured on EMS's record-breaking Eco (800whp+). That said, the difference between the Street and Race is how much you want to get out of the car. The charts on the...
  18. Question About Upgraded Intercooler

    We actually received the question when we first released and tested against it - saw no difference. It's heat dispersant paint.
  19. Question About Upgraded Intercooler

    I'm with CVF. For the Race intercooler you don't need to upgrade the piping, but it is recommended in order to make the installation easier. The intercooler has an inlet/outlet that is .5" larger than OEM, so it's a tight fit (but doable). The Street intercooler does not require any piping...
  20. CVF 3" Stainless Steel Catted Downpipe for 2015+ Mustang EcoBoost

    If you purchase the 3" to 3" connection with the downpipe it will require some custom work to make it 3" all the way through to the exhaust. The OEM downpipe reduces to a 2.25" band clamp to connect to the y-pipe. The 3" to 2.25" adapter connects to the OEM band clamp without custom work...