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  1. Sock's Project 6G

    I didn’t sell the car on BAT but l sold it later to THR. I was purchased Andy raced in OUSCA and I believe is for sale again. Might be time for me to build another one!
  2. Dusold Designs "Bolt on" Race Tow Hook kit.

    If they did t send you 4 replacement nuts, you will need to go to the hardware store and pick some up. Or have them send you some.
  3. Dusold Designs "Bolt on" Race Tow Hook kit.

    I left Dusold Designs a year ago, but I designed that kit and it should come with 4 nuts that fit inside the channels, so if you don’t have those the factory nuts will not work and you will need to sorce different nuts.
  4. What are your track/AutoX alignment settings?

    generally you will not get rubbing with a little "poke" because the camber gain is good on these cars and there is not a ton of travel. But keep in mind it all depends on wheel/tire size offset and overall diameter.
  5. 2015 GT Supercharged Widebody Street/ Track/ Autox!

    2015 Ford Mustang GT PP Wide-body. Up for sale is very well setup Street/AutoX/Track Ford Mustang that started life as a Base 5.0 6 Speed Performance Pack car (lightest package). This low mile Mustang has competed in the Optima Ultimately Street Car Invitational at SEMA for the Last 2 years...
  6. Where are your next events?

    I retired from Dusold Designs last month. It is now the "Driven Motorsports Project 6G". :) I plan on being there but not 100% yet. If you see me out there feel free to come over and chat.
  7. Where are your next events?

    I ran them all last year and ran last months at Cresson. It is a fun track and well run event.
  8. Sock's Project 6G

    SCCA Track Night in America Out playing with my friends at MSR Cresson for TNiA. I have been tweaking the tune to get the pedal more linear with the Magnuson Supercharger, and it is a monster on track now.
  9. Sock's Project 6G

    Car is tested and ready to go. Just a few more tweaks to the livery (need to add a few more "horsepower" stickers) and it will be done!
  10. Sock's Project 6G

    Hopefully with 600hp we can push through it. :)
  11. Sock's Project 6G

    18x12s with BFG Rivals 335/30-18 Squared! Well since we added power for next season...we need to add grip! Not a huge fan of flares on these cars but it was the only way to get the 18x12 Forgestar F14s wrapped in 335 BFG Rivals, on the car. I still have some modifying and prep to do on the...
  12. Sock's Project 6G

    It is not lean at all. It is on the money. 11.5-12 to 1 is right where you want to be.
  13. Sock's Project 6G

    Dialed in! I forgot to post my dyno graph after I got the Supercharger back on and dialed in. It is ready for some track testing
  14. Sock's Project 6G

    When your other shop car is a 1100 RWHP tube chassis 67 Camaro on 335s...I kinda didn't have a choice! :)
  15. Sock's Project 6G

    Never liked the sidewall angle of the 335 Rivals I have seen on 13" wheels. But the M14 might be different. Did they fit over PP brakes?
  16. Sock's Project 6G

    The 335 Rivals work great on a 12" wheel, and scrub radius, and Forgestar doesn't have 13". :)
  17. Sock's Project 6G

    The new F14 Deep Concave is supposed to have the same barrel as the CF5 that we run now. The Super Deep Concave I am using for fitment do not fit PP brakes. I will have the actual wheels next week to confirm what the engineered drawings say!
  18. Sock's Project 6G

    I am still using the 18x11s until I finalize the mods for the 335s. They will be for sell as soon as that happens.
  19. Sock's Project 6G

    335/30-18 Rival S Squared! The time has come to stuff 335s at all four corners! I ordered a new set of 18x12 Forgestar Wheels and got some fresh rubber from BFG. In order to maintain the front/rear wheel relationship of my 315 setup, I moved the rear wheels out, even though we can put 335s...