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  1. RPMs drop at red light

    Just wanted to give an update to this issue, if anyone else is experiencing what I did. I changed the purge valve last week and the next day filled up the gas tank. I have not driven a lot since, but so far issue has not showed up again.
  2. RPMs drop at red light

    Hello, Weather is just starting to get to a point where I can work outside without turning into an ice cube , so I will start trying some options soon the first thing I am trying is the purge valve. I noticed after I filled the gas tank it got worse, so I am thinking this is pointing to the...
  3. Blinker and fog light question

    Guess I did not notice it before the switchbacks. Thank you
  4. Blinker and fog light question

    Hello, Just wanted to confirm something with everyone because I maybe never noticed it before. I am dealing with a switchback going out issue and noticed that when I put the blinker on the fog light turns off. Took out the switchbacks because they are not lighting up amber and out the stock...
  5. Do your back windows not close all the way?

    Hello, When I first bought my car 7 or so months ago the right hand window did the same thing. I did learn from others and the dealership the rear windows should be closed first then the fronts. I also had both windows replaced. They replaced the glass, flashing/seal, and regulator, they have...
  6. Ignition correction question

    Cylinder 2 is also on the gauges showing in the picture.
  7. Ignition correction question

    Thank you for the response, very helpful. I felt gas and or heat could be the issue, it was actually above 60 today in the northeast. I more was wondering if positive correction of 6 or 7 would be something to really worry about or just expected. Sounds normal , please let me know any other...
  8. Ignition correction question

    Tune is currently a OTS Cobb stage 1 93
  9. Ignition correction question

    I was doing some research recently since getting my accessport and have a question. When I first monitoted ing correction I was seeing mostly negative correction. Maybe around 1 or 2 . I recently tried a new gas station and decided to go for a drive to see how the car was performing.. I was...
  10. RPMs drop at red light

    Thank you for the additional ideas. Then injectors are an interesting thought, which could be true since my car started as a rental , so I can imagine all the cheap gas it saw. Not sure yet how I feel about bringing it in without a code and having the tune. I have to try the other options first...
  11. RPMs drop at red light

    Thank you for the replies. When the weather gets warmer I will check the evap purge valve. Maybe mine it starting to go because it does not happen that often or as bad as the person in the video explains. Any other suggestions would be great.
  12. RPMs drop at red light

    I have an automatic, it does not seem to follow any pattern in relation to when it happens, weather the car is been driving for 5 mins or 25 mins. It happen twice today right after each other after filling up with gas. Gave it some gas getting onto the street and then came to a red light. Idled...
  13. RPMs drop at red light

    Hello , I am wondering if anyone has experienced this symptom also. Since buying the car I have noticed at a red light the RPMs will drop a little , shake a little and then return to normal, it happens very fast. This has not happened that often but I would say in the last 8 months of ownership...
  14. CV Fab Intercooler Review and Datalogs

    Thank you for posting the pictures and logs, since I am going to be purchasing one also. I do have a question in relation to installation. I see from your post your using a lift which I will not have access to, just stands or ramps how do you feel the install would have went without a lift? I am...
  15. Texas Ecoboost Part Out

    Pm sent
  16. PP1 rims on EcoBoost non PP

    Thats a nice write up, thank you. Being in the Northeast I did not want to buy them now, wait until spring to install and find out I have issues. If anyone else has experience with this, please chime in also. Thank you