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  1. Steeda q series front bumper problem

    yea it will bolt up to the car no problem, my buddy had to do it for a gt350 front bumper he put on his car, i just want to make the brake cooling ducts still work as i plan to track this car
  2. Steeda q series front bumper problem

    Yea it def doesn’t as you can see, none of the holes even line up and the brackets and directions they send only work with normal gt belly pan
  3. Steeda q series front bumper problem

    Here is the gap between pp belly pan and it and the very rough template I made lol
  4. Steeda q series front bumper problem

    finally got it to my buddy at a machine shop to make the plate so hopefully ill have it soon but the bumper is back from paint ill try and post it up shortly!
  5. McLeod RXT users, realistic expectations for this clutch?

    yea like i said its been a good clutch for me and as long as ya dont go crazy like i did and drop it at high rpm trans will be fine
  6. McLeod RXT users, realistic expectations for this clutch?

    granted mine is n/a but i have rxt with mgw shifter so pretty similar as far as that goes, yes its a bit touchier than stock and it will chatter at low rpm but i dont hate it and it definitely bites hard.... i broke 4th gear due to my own stupidity shifting too high rpm and just straight dropped...
  7. Headers

    i did kooks catted with my corsa extreme and i love it, i sometimes wish at idle it was a touch louder but def wakes up when you get on it
  8. Steeda q series front bumper problem

    got the template made for a plate im making but havent had the time to get the aluminum cut yet, stupid work always getting in the way haha
  9. Oil oil oil

    amsoil is definitely good stuff ran it in all my race bikes and had way less issues after switching to it ill say that and i tore the motor down and rebuilt them every season
  10. TPMS Sensor Fault

    these are only a year and half old so batteries should be good i would hope, the fact that the front two die out and come back at the exact same time is what had me thinking its gotta be something else
  11. Steeda q series front bumper problem

    yea i am making a piece out of aluminum to fill the gaps on my 17 to make it all work, i dont wanna lose the cooling ducts for my brakes so ill make it all work lol ill post pictures when i get it all done
  12. Which shifter…? MGW or Steeda

    i love my mgw one of my fav things i have done to my car, but anything i think is better than the stock haha
  13. Steeda q series front bumper problem

    Any one have this front end on a pp car, belly pan doesn’t line up and all and the brackets are for a non pp belly pan. What did ya end up doing to make it work?
  14. TPMS Sensor Fault

    revivng an old thread but i have the fault but its both fronts at the exact same time and then will randomly come back at the same time any one come across this?
  15. door handle lock feature not working

    as title states my driver door handle lock feature isnt working all the time now, anyone run into this and only fix im guessing is to replace the whole handle? passenger side works fine so i know its not my fob or anything, havent found too much on buying the whole handle either mostly just covers
  16. MT-82 5 speed

    4th is the gear if broke twice now on n/a power and granted they were hard pulls and shifts with an rxt which is a bad combo for the mt82 lol
  17. Navigating this site

    guess it all depends on your experience on forums, for me seems to be set up like most forums now a days but it does take a minute to get used to