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  1. Clunking Noise....

    I'm going to try the stock shock mounts and I'll report back on if that helps. Just got back from a test drive with the stock mounts and it didnt make any noise. I'm just going to keep it this way and try to send the mounts back to bmr. Nick
  2. Clunking Noise....

    Now it's back so I was wrong. Pulled the shock out and re installed everything same issues.
  3. Clunking Noise....

    Solved my own problem. The shock mount was the cause.
  4. Clunking Noise....

    Just finished installing BMR SM760 ( Rear Shock Mount), BMR CB005 (Subframe), Ford Performance Track Shocks, and BMR SP763 (Lowering Springs). The car has not been aligned yet post install. I took it for a quick spin around the block and noticed a clunking or crashing sound from the right...
  5. Need price on Ford M-18000-F track dampers

    Could I get a quote for M-18000-F shipped to 28460 please. Thanks
  6. Texas BMR minimum lowering springs

    If you change your mind about shipping let me know
  7. Texas Sold: LMR GT7s 20x10-20x11(GT40 reps) w almost new Indy 500 tires

    Are these silver or graphite. Also any pictures of them mounted on the car? Nick
  8. GT350 GT350 steering wheel $130 shipped

    Damn that's a good price.
  9. North Carolina Wtb factory gt grill

    Wtb: 2015-2017 factory gt grills. Located in eastern north Carolina. Let me know! Nick
  10. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    How does this compare to a ford performance power pack 2? Obviously there is a steep increase in costs between the two as well, So ffp2 vs 2018 manifold, 47lb injectors, cai, and tune for 93 octane. Looks like this set up is roughly another 20 hp or so up top but able to flow much more air...
  11. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    What kind of bump in power are you getting with e 85? Just wondering it's kind of difficult to get around me and the 47lb injectors add some cost it. Also seems like the consensus on intakes is between the jlt and gt350 intake, which one are people seeing the "better" results? Nick
  12. Niche Sport Series | Targa Verona Essen Apex Surge Milan | Concave & Mesh by N4SM

    Hard to tell but are the essens concave? Any up close pictures of the machines and silver look? Nick
  13. Illinois ———SOLD——-6GR 7 spoke for sale

    What are the offsets on these?
  14. Borla atak resonated x pipe

    Awesome thanks. Going to do that option then. Nick
  15. Borla atak resonated x pipe

    Put a Borla ATAK on my 2015 GT last week. Sounds amazing when you want it to be loud but the girlfriend thinks it's a little to much in the mornings. Anyway I have been looking to replace the x pipe with a resonated x pipe or h pipe. I've been looking at the cjpp resonated x pipe. Which is...