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  1. Trying to add BLIS and Adaptive CC - BLIS is installed and ACC done

    Did you ever get clarification on this?
  2. Radar Detector mounting locations / pics

    Once summer hit and I started seeing 100° + heat that mount started failing and the radar detector started falling. I ended up buying this one since I can't justify the $100+ that a blendmount costs. This is the camera I have...
  3. Ford Ranchero

    I saw this in the parking lot while getting groceries.
  4. Window sticker link.

    Accourding to that site, the window sticker for my 2018 has not been released yet.
  5. Question For 2020+ Owners (has anyone swapped their passenger 4-way seat frame?)

    Back on topic though, has anyone attempted to do what I'm asking?
  6. Question For 2020+ Owners (has anyone swapped their passenger 4-way seat frame?)

    I was wondering if anyone had tried this out already to save myself the trouble if it doesn't work. And they removed the tilting of the passenger's side seat. Ford also removed the pockets from the back of the seats.
  7. Question For 2020+ Owners (has anyone swapped their passenger 4-way seat frame?)

    I think I might be upgrading to a 2020 Mustang (super reasonably priced and low miles). I checked to see the differences between 2018 and 2020 and saw that Ford decided to downgrade the seats. Has anybody tried to switch out the 2020 passenger bottom seat rack to a 2015-2019 rack? It looks like...
  8. Clutch Engagement Force

    An update if anyone finds this thread in the future. I replaced my stock clutch spring with the Steeda clutch spring. It still felt like it needed excessive force to engage. I ended up removing the Steeda clutch spring and replaced it with the stock one. Before replacing the stock spring I...
  9. 2018+ Clutch Upgrade

    I know there's a recent clutch upgrade thread on here but it's for a 2017. Anyways, the clutch on my car feels super heavy so I'm probably going to end up replacing it if I can't figure out what's wrong. My car is NA and street driven. Although at some point I want to take it to a track to have...
  10. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    When are these going to start shipping? I just ordered a new set of wheels/tires and I think I would have preferred these wheels.
  11. Clutch Engagement Force

    Also, the dealership that sold me the car checked on Car-fax and there was no clutch replacement on it. I know that's not everything but it has me leaning towards there being a problem with the stock clutch setup.
  12. Clutch Engagement Force

    I installed the Steeda spring over the weekend and while it does feel different; it still feels heavy. I'm wondering if it might be my master/slave cylinder/clutch line. Does anyone have some insight?
  13. Very stiff clutch

    If Op still around... Did they say what the problem was? My car has a similar issue and the clutch won't be covered under the power train warranty since it's a wear item.
  14. What can we do for You?

    Do you have a discount shipping code? It's estimating $27 for 4 GT350 center caps.
  15. Wheel Caps

    I recently purchased a set of SVE SP2 wheels. I'm probably going to go with 4 of the GT350 wheel caps. Before I buy those, I was wondering if anyone has had success with anything else. Options exist on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, and other sites. I'm assuming most of them are garbage though.
  16. Burning Smell after drive

    A is a wear item so no warranty is going to help you unless it fails right off of the lot. But OP should try and contact the dealership he purchased it from if it's been a month or two since he's purchased the car.
  17. Burning Smell after drive

    I thought most websites offer the no interest payments through Affirm. I've never used it but that could be an option if it comes down to it. If you were going to go to a shop to get it changed I'd start looking and scheduling an appointment now. Lots of places are a month+ out for an...
  18. Burning Smell after drive

    Since you said your car makes weird noises when engaging/disengaging the clutch it would appear that way.
  19. Burning Smell after drive

    Yea, that's my guess. Especially with the transmission noises If you really wanted to confirm you could either Start your car, push in the clutch and the gas (don't hold it too long) at the same time. Go to a local transmission shop. They'll tell you right away. Either way. if I was you I'd...