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  1. First real life looks at Eruption Green and Oil Slick Blue-Purple new paint colors for 2022 GT500

    I love the f8 green on the challengers/chargers. Was wanting to do a wrap close to that color. I am excited to see what it looks like on the GT500 and if it'll make it to the lower trim level mustangs before next gens come out.
  2. Post Your Day 1 vs. Now Mustang Pics

    Bought car in April 2015. Here she is fully dressed. Have about 9500 miles on her and unfortunately will be sitting for a couple years since I'm overseas.
  3. Kaiserslautern, Germany meets?

    Any meets in or around Kaiserslautern? I know Covid slowed things down, but man, it is dead here or nothing advertised. I've seen a bunch of Mustangs running around.
  4. Texas ATI Superdamper

  5. Texas 15-17 GT350 Style Hood/PP Belly Pan

    Sale pending on belly pan.
  6. Texas ATI Superdamper

    Hi, I have an ATI Superdamper available. Was on my '15 GT for a couple years. It is standard 6-rib. Only available until 30 June as I'm heading out of country for a couple years. Then goes into storage. Asking $250 shipped or $225 local. I'm in Killeen, TX area and willing to drive an hour for...
  7. Texas 15-17 GT350 Style Hood/PP Belly Pan

    Hi everyone. I have an Ikon Motorsports GT350 style hood available. It has a high spot and needs some bodywork, otherwise, never has been installed. Selling for $200 local pickup only. I am in Killeen, Tx until July 4. After that, it is going into storage as I am moving overseas for a...
  8. Steering Issue

    I noticed my replacement had a different style dust shield. Was this steering knuckle similar to S197s?
  9. Steering Issue

    Thanks, I'll take a look at that.
  10. Steering Issue

    So I replaced my passenger side hub because I had a sized wheel spacer with stripped nuts. Tried cutting off like mentioned in other threads and that turned into hot mess. Anyways, I picked up used hub swapped it in and reassembled front end. I then noticed one of the arms was really close to my...
  11. North Carolina FS: Speed Factory Cold Side Intercooler Charge Pipe with threaded port

    I'll take it. Just let me know where to send payment
  12. Engine Bay Mods

    Thought I'd resurrect this thread.
  13. JDM style wheels on S550

  14. Zx2reme Oxford White w/PP build

    Recent photo shoot while the weather remains nice.