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  1. Adamone92

    That'll buff right out

    i told them there are sponsors on here that sell new complete kits for 2k plus a bit of a refund if you send them your old sccm. lol
  2. Adamone92

    That'll buff right out

    the digital dash.
  3. Adamone92

    That'll buff right out

    agreed. apparently he "does this for a living so will get top dollar". lmao
  4. Adamone92

    A Little COVID-19 Humor

    Thought maybe my license plate would fit here..
  5. Adamone92

    Caliper Color Change

    ive used G2 paint in Alabama (more humid than Texas)..TEXAS..Mississippi..and California. Has worked perfectly fine in all 4. I have buddies that have done it in the same, or different states. The key is the prep, and letting it sit long enough before driving it. Each time i had mine in a garage...
  6. Adamone92

    That'll buff right out

    he wants 1.9k for it, which is about the same as a new full plug and play kit from some people here..
  7. Adamone92

    Need help with my TB

    was going to say the same thing.
  8. Adamone92

    p0171 code

    bank one being at 1.656 while bank two is at or under 1 doesn't look lean to you? if you were told you have an exhaust leak at the header i would get that fixed and see if that changes things and then go from there... if that air isnt making it to the 02 sensors then they could be seeing it as...
  9. Adamone92

    Under hood pony like or dislike?

    i mean...yeah. i doubt that mat would do much good once it gets covered in fuel/oil/whatever else is igniting the flame even more. if the my engine bay is on fire im not really concerned about the mat being there either way.
  10. Adamone92

    Lug Nuts Compatibility

    They should be fine with your OEM (if im not mistaken, idk never used the OEM wheels.) It doesnt state they are ONLY safe for aftermarket, it means that aftermarket requires that style in order for the lug nut to fit/not damage wheel while torquing it.
  11. Adamone92

    That'll buff right out

    Yeah..exactly why i asked lol
  12. Adamone92

    That'll buff right out

    Have a link to the post?
  13. Adamone92

    Thoughts on price of this mustang

    yeah, ill have military discount as well. Just didnt have that marked on there. I might talk to them more about it, was just trying to see some rough numbers to aim for.
  14. Adamone92

    Strut brace that will fit top mount super charger

    i think ive seen some people lower their engine a little bit to make the brace fit. otherwise, not sure.
  15. Adamone92

    2019 10R80 GT - Sticking throttle/acceleration at low speeds?

    Im not sure where i recall reading this..but maybe its worth a shot. Try pulling the fuse for the cruise control and see if that helps it any?
  16. Adamone92

    Thoughts on price of this mustang

    I dont mind waiting for more inventory or for the mach 1 to come out. Just considering if i find a good deal ill go for it.
  17. Adamone92

    2021 Mach 1 Pricing Announced and Order Bank Opens

    ? The mach 1 has plenty things different than the bullit other than just color options.. Your point as far as price vs your 2015 i understand though. Seeing as that its clearly not a DD for you and wont be driven much really does depend if you are willing to spend that extra money...
  18. Adamone92

    Thoughts on price of this mustang

    hey guys, still in between getting a new 2020 mustang or waiting for a mach 1. Local dealer found this one, which has everything i wanted except for the digital dash (which if i want badly enough i could put in myself later). This is the price the currently have for it. Grabber lime, manual...
  19. Adamone92

    Mach 1 Options Prices

    I dont know how much i bank on BATTERY operated vehicles being the future. They are expensive to make, plus you have to worry about charge times being comparable with filling up a gas tank (3-5 mins to fill), range, and not to mention the materials needed to make these batteries are running dry...
  20. Adamone92

    I hate road trips.

    I drove from alabama to california alone when i got stationed here..and soon will be going alone to training in georgia. I loved it the first time, pretty sure i came up with my own "theory of everything" on the way, talking to only myself the entire time. Hopefully ill love it again this time