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  1. End of production of Shelby GT350/R after 2020. Will resale price climb?

    Will resale values climb? Probably not. Could resale values stabilize at a higher level, I do hope so. If Ford does not make another flat plane crank car, this will be a hard to find car in a few years. Some GT350's are going to rot away in garages having never been driven more than to a car...
  2. New arrival 2020 GT350 HEP

    Be sure and get a couple of decent drives in before snow flies. The pure pleasure of that car will make winter seem warmer. If you can get a Track Attack school, treat yourself and sign up asap.
  3. Headers?

    I'd look for some honest dyno results before wasting a ton of money. The car comes with short tube headers anyway. Headers, E85 tune, resonator delete and you gain 15 horses, is it worth it? There is no E85 in my area so that is a pointless exercise for me. A $1900 set of headers and a ten...
  4. Trucks, Trains and Mustangs...

    My car had 90 miles on it when I purchased it. The dealer was up front, it had been stored off site over the winter and was on display at the local fair (roped off, no fondling) it was a small town Ford dealer. I questioned the 1.5g right turn on the accelerometer and they happily had the...
  5. 2019 GT350 Production Numbers and Take Rates (Colors, Options & Configurations)

    Strange, option 675, the combo handling and technology package is not something listed on the order form from 2018.
  6. GT350: Caveat Emptor

    You are lucky, congrats. There is a small Ford dealer out in the sticks near where I work, 90 minutes from anything. I've never seen a Mustang in stock there, but I'm going to stop in and ask them if they would service mine. They offer lifetime service on everything they sell and nearly every...
  7. GT350: Caveat Emptor

    I'm not in the least bit put off by the paltry few engine failures. The actual Ford engineer I spoke with loved the product and felt 150,000 miles was not out of the realm of possibility for this engine. I have 4,100 miles on mine and am going to drive it 5-7K miles during the driving season...
  8. 2019 Gt350 production numbers now available

    Same boat here, paid and got nothing so far. I'm unimpressed, especially since I spent some time working with them to address the random vin number problem.
  9. I think i am regretting Race Red due to Police breaking balls daily.

    The way things are going in New York City, your next police stop could be a therapist who spends an hour questioning what needs you have that are not being met and offering a hug, counseling or therapy instead of a ticket.:crackup:
  10. I think i am regretting Race Red due to Police breaking balls daily.

    I'm good with the stops if that is their choice. I'd just like for an infraction to be committed, other than owning a cool car. The only other guy I know with a GT350 is a cop, he does not have a front plate and never will. He said he does not badge anyone or expect favors, but in his words...
  11. I think i am regretting Race Red due to Police breaking balls daily.

    Well scumbag cops in small towns are as bad as NYC. I work near a Turdville town of maybe 1850 people. Because there is a lot of recreation in the area, they have at least six cops. They will be spaced 1/3 a mile apart on the main drag writing 31 in a 30 tickets all day and night during the...
  12. ALL GT350/GT350R LEADS, ALLOCATIONS, DEPOSITS [READ FIRST POST] I was surfing and came across this 2019 non-R for under MSRP in Connecticut, fully loaded if anyone really needs a nice car.
  13. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    You honestly should call and ask. They could at the very least give you a GT day with a GT350 class so you can meet other owners and get the training. If you have the money to spend, do the two day. It was well worth it.
  14. Took me 4 years but finally got my dream GT350R and WOW!

    I literally have only ever seen two other GT350's on my side of my state, our coffee run would be extremely small.
  15. Interesting price - base R.

    Call them and ask. I did on the Shadow black and they sent me all the information they had on the car. The price was based on the expected loss in price to the car because of the fact it was a buy back car. My only issue was that I preferred it had a Ford Certified Used, 7 year, 100,000 mile...
  16. First service

    I'd find a new Ford dealer to work with first. Your tires look a little better than my tires and I have about 4,100 miles on my car. The farthest inside groove is the only one that matters. If you want a set of 70,000 mile race tires you might be out of luck.
  17. I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I need some input

    Literally, could be as simple as the wrong oil and having a service report could protect you if its bad news. Don't panic yet.
  18. I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I need some input

    My brother, an excellent ASE certified in everything you can imagine, former Ford dealer mechanic says, "Take it to the dealer, asap." Does it have the correct oil was the first question? Does it have enough oil was the second? Third comment was that definitely does not sound right, while it...
  19. I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I need some input

    Well my brother is fond of reminding me during my endless questions, it is practically a race car. big compression, big rpms and all sorts of quirks related to a high performance engine. I'm with you on the regular oil checks, waiting for the right temps and all that. I just cleaned out my...
  20. I don't know if I'm being paranoid but I need some input

    I've asked the encyclopedia of automotive knowledge to listen to it, if he replies we might have an answer. Worst case you still have 5 years, 60,000 miles on the power train.