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  1. nrc

    If You Could Do It Over Again

    I love the car but knowing what I know now I probably would have passed on it and banked the money. I replaced my Miata with the Mustang because it's a better daily driver and there were things that I didn't like about the new generation Miata. Now I don't daily drive anymore. So my Mustang...
  2. nrc

    Mustang S650 Design Previewed by ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture

    Looks like Ford plans to open the front grill up more, making it look like every other car and SUV on the road. No thanks.
  3. nrc

    Auto headlights, yes or no?

    One nice thing is that the headlamp sensor appears to face forward. So it does turn on the lights even when it's fairly light out if you're driving out of a low sun which would leave you silhouetted to oncoming traffic. That may be why you sometimes see the lights on earlier than you might expect.
  4. nrc

    Would you change you mind if you could reverse your Mustang Purchase?

    Sadly, I'd have to say yes. I still love the car, but much has changed since I took delivery. For me it was between the Mustang and a Miata (which I have a long history with). Since I took delivery Mazda fixed my gripes about the the current gen Miata and came out with an Anniversary edition...
  5. nrc

    Mach-e prototype 1400

    Few people would object to calling it a Mustang if the Mach E were a 1400HP electric coupe. Putting a 429 in a Thunderbird didn't make it a Mustang any more than slamming this fat, ugly SUV and slapping on some Mustang styling cues makes it a Mustang. No, it's not cool. It's phony nonsense...
  6. nrc

    Anyone here adding a nice 2021 Bronco addition to their Collection?

    I won't buy anything from Ford until they fire Hackett and bring in someone who understands that they're selling motor vehicles and not sneakers. This whole "branding" thing is doomed to fail and leave Ford with a bunch of tainted brands. Yeah, bring back the Bronco, brilliant idea. Just...
  7. nrc

    Source: Ford Bronco and Mustang Could Become Their Own Sub-Brands

    Introducing Ford’s All-New Outdoor Lifestyle Brand: Bronco Brand. It's an Outdoor Brand. It's a Lifestyle Brand. It's a brand brand. Every third word in the video is "brand". You can even get in on their official online forum and hang out with those who want to share the Bronco Brand...
  8. nrc

    Source: Ford Bronco and Mustang Could Become Their Own Sub-Brands

    Something like 90% of horse owners are women. Women have much more interest in horses than men do. Look at the marketing materials for the Mach E and tell me this isn't the image they're going for. If current management at Ford has their way, what we think of as a Mustang will be irrelevant...
  9. nrc

    Source: Ford Bronco and Mustang Could Become Their Own Sub-Brands

    It's now a company now run by idiots. It's like Bill Ford slept through the entire Alan Mulally era. They just dumped a boatload of brands that weren't fooling anyone. You can't sustain a brand by slapping it on just anything. If your Ford Mercury, Ford Volvo, or Ford Aston Martin aren't best...
  10. nrc

    "Mustang Mach E" Confirmed, Reservations Begin Immediately After Nov 17 Live-Streamed Reveal

    Yeah, right. Every time someone tops this garbage it's like salt in the wound. Including me. So I try to ignore it. I won't be buying any new Fords until this is thoroughly undone. A company that does something like this can't be trusted. Their words are meaningless and their brand is...
  11. nrc

    3 Day Old Mustang GT Drifted Right Into Creek

    This is why we need to pay their student debt. So they can spend that money on other things that they can't afford.
  12. nrc

    Another Black Eye for the Mustang Community

    Bah. "A spirited drive" doesn't necessarily put anyone at risk. The key is to be responsible and stay well within the limits for the conditions including visibility and any potential traffic or pedestrians.
  13. nrc

    S550 to first car... can you remember them all?

    2017 Ford Focus ST 2018 Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2016 Mazda CX-5 2015 Mazda 6 2013 Mazda Miata PRHT 2010 MINI Clubman S 2007 MINI Cooper S 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed 6 2004 Mazda RX8 2001 Ford Contour SVT 1995 Ford Contour V6 1993 Mazda Miata 1989 Mercury Tracer (Mazda 323 clone) 1987 Merkur XR4ti 1980...
  14. nrc

    "GT350" facelift is finally done on our 2017 GT

    "No, thanks," on those lights. The shark gill lights say "Mustang." Those look like they came out of a Charger.
  15. nrc

    New car time. What cars are you considering w/replacing your Mustang?

    Nice. Mazda always waits until I've already bought something to come out with good Miata colors. I'll probably end up back in a Miata when the time comes. Maybe I'll wrap it. I'm not interested in the Ford Truck company.
  16. nrc

    Ford Partnering with Volkswagen and making a 4 door sedan Mustang. Possibly dropping convertible

    Don't worry. None of this will dilute the Mustang brand. Ford management are idiots. I won't buy anything else from them until Hackett is fired and this idiocy stops.
  17. nrc

    Total Mustang sales 2019 figure

    I have. They don't. The Escape doesn't drive as well as the the Focus or Fusion. The CX5 doesn't drive as well as the Mazda6. Yes, they drive just fine for the large majority of Americans. I'm sure that CUVs and SUVs will continue to be popular. I just don't think they'll completely...
  18. nrc

    What is the deal with the hostility and resentfulness here now?

    Some of those aren't really fossil fuel specific. They're tax breaks for companies that make large investments in research, inventory, or depletable resources. But fine, eliminate all subsidies and tax breaks and let the market decide. There is far too much use of the tax code and regulatory...
  19. nrc

    "Mustang Mach E" Confirmed, Reservations Begin Immediately After Nov 17 Live-Streamed Reveal

    Talking about "grasping at straws" when Ford won't say how many reservations they have is funny. Why do you suppose they're so mum on the subject? People are assuming that reservation numbers are sequential in order by customer, but that's not necessarily true. The first 4000 went to dealer...
  20. nrc

    "Mustang Mach E" Confirmed, Reservations Begin Immediately After Nov 17 Live-Streamed Reveal

    It sounds like we largely agree. I don't discount that someone can come from outside the automotive world, but the nature of the product and market make it challenging. Everything I see from Hackett looks like the anti-Mullaly. He has his playbook and he's running it. Cut costs and add...