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  1. Ford app, and Mustang deep sleep, time out .

    mine goes into deep sleep after 2 weeks as well
  2. Extended warranty

    I never had to use my Flood Ford extended warranty (yet), but it's officially linked to the VIN in the Ford database after purchase, so you shouldn't have any issues if you need to make a claim. The ESP even shows up on the FordPass app under the vehicle details.
  3. FR Track Handling Pack Results

    Sorry, missed that part in the OP
  4. FR Track Handling Pack Results

    Did you ever re-clock your bushings? That should help lower the rear more.
  5. Front license plates

    I've been driving my car in NJ without the front plate for 3+ years. Some friends have been doing it for longer than that. I think it's a myth that cops are looking for sportscars without front plates. They have more important things to worry about.
  6. 2021 GT Just Lowered - Pics attached

    Do you know if your bushings were clocked? The most common complaint of lowering springs (regardless of which kind) is that the rear didn't lower as much as expected. It almost always is because the bushings were never clocked.

    It won't. The Mach 1 has a slightly different grill shape so you would need the bumper as well.
  8. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Those look like SVE S350 wheels (GT350 replicas) from LMR probably in 19x10 front and 19x11 rear.
  9. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    I'd try something else just for the sake of experiencing different cars. But, I plan to keep my Mustang as long as possible provided no unseen circumstances.
  10. 2019 GT350 Engine Failure @ 2170 miles

    I don't have the answers to your questions, but if Ford fixes your car in a certain amount of time, they are not going to approve a buy back. You need to check what the lemon law is in your state, but I believe the car needs to be down for at least 30 days in most states. Best of luck. Sucks...
  11. 2018+ Ford Calibration Kit/Tune with Sheetz 94 Octane Flex Fuel

    If that fuel is more than 10% ethanol, I would not run it unless you have a flex fuel tune.
  12. PP2 Ford Performance Tune

    Do you still need to remove the engine cover for install if there's no longer any need to cut it?
  13. GT350R vs BMW M2 CS (my overnight internet crush)

    I've also fallen in love with the M2 CS, though I've always liked the M2 since it came out. My favorite review:
  14. Any one Else have PMS today?

    I unfortunately have PMS as well. I have not driven my GT since mid December due to the below freezing temps as well as the snow (2+ feet just this week). :frown: Spring can't come soon enough!
  15. Mustang vs ZLE

    The motortrend quote on the SS 1LE was about handling, not preference to own (unless I'm looking at the wrong quote). Regardless, the biggest reason most reviewers would rather own the GT350/R is because of the FPC V8 powertrain, which is pretty hard to argue with imo. I'm just thankful both...
  16. Mustang vs ZLE

    Yes Throttle House is the best! I love all of their stuff. No one is arguing that pro-reviews haven't said a 1LE/ZLE handles better than a GT350/R or vice versa. What the other guys are saying is that no pro-review said they would prefer to own a 1LE or ZLE over a GT350/R and I agree. I have...
  17. Pirelli tires now on PP1 mustangs?

    It seems the base Mach 1 retains the MPS4S, so this move was likely done to separate PP1's from the base Mach :facepalm:
  18. Pirelli tires now on PP1 mustangs?

    After a quick search it appears that Pirellis are in fact standard on the PP1 now. What a shame, the MPS4S tires were a big selling point for the 2018+ PP1. Must be either cost savings or a supply issue, though I'm suspecting it's the former.
  19. PP2 Ford Performance Tune

    I believe the FP tune adjusts "rev hang" during shifts on a 6MT so that is probably what he is talking about. This is available on an A10 as well. I'm considering it for the revised A10 tuning because the stock calibration is a bit sloppy as we know.