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  1. 2020 Shelby GT500 transmission issues

    Quit lugging the engine
  2. ALL Original

    Drive that thing, it wasn't built to sit in a garage !!!!!!!
  3. Sold 2020 & 2021 GT500 on eBay

    love the handle, work is crazy now, I could use a creamsicle
  4. GT500 markups

    It took me while to realize this is another ADM hater thread disguised as a "Markup" thread. I told myself I was done with these but here I am. The Forum socialists are on a roll just remember what I do with my money and what the seller does with their product is none of anyone's business but...
  5. GT500 & Mach-E On Track @ Sonoma Raceway

    Thanks for taking the time to write up your track experience.
  6. What is this on the bottom of the dash?

    This is funny, a parking sensor, you guys should see how steep my driveway is. I have 1/4" clearance if I approach at a angle. That sensor would go berserk at my house. The crazy part is my 350 had less clearance than the 500.
  7. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    Earl 2020 was awesome, its amazing how you went out of your way to help us. Thanks Again !!!!!!!!!!!:clap::clap::clap:
  8. Super bouncy rear suspension on GT500 CFTP?

    That is crazy he tracked a car with shipping blocks in place
  9. Sold my GT500 back to my dealer

    Explain the human condition ????
  10. Interesting info on Chev ADM's

    Trust me, even the GM dealers have their favorite customers. The haves and the have nots still exist, only in a egalitarian society would everyone get a GT500 or Z06 :)
  11. 2020 GT500 CFTP Iconic Silver, no stripes.

    Same color as mine, and I paid to much to and worth every penny.
  12. Tinny metal sound underneath Shelby GT500

    I get a low rumble grade sound when I lug the motor up a hill. It's not to bad and it sounds like its origin is the transmission.
  13. CF wheel damage

    10K over on a 800 mile car no way. Should be able to find a CFTP at 10K over with zero miles. But Tomster does need to fill his set :rockon:
  14. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    This is more like it a relevant thread in regards to the GT500. Stangmode rest In peace
  15. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    Right, you would think we would have something better to do with our time
  16. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    I stopped watching Speed Phenom after he went to the dark side with McLaren. I’m a Ford man through and through, Stangmode is a caricature, he actually does ok creating and maintaining the image he has fostered. Back to my original point, to much hate in the world what happened to “ Live and...
  17. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    Speed Phenom and Stangmode cut from the same cloth, and both harmless, chill out
  18. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    Here we go again reminds me of the several ADM threads
  19. First Oil Change Done