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  1. sold my rental house

    We’re in the process of fixing ours up to sell right now. It was built in 1989, fully remodeled in 2008, but now needs another remodel. I’m going to offload it using my sister as an agent - she does the 1% family deal which is nice. Biden wants to take $67K out of my profit if I don’t reinvest...
  2. DIY Pony-less grille

    I found this one on eBay. Ordered but haven’t received yet.
  3. Brake pads wearing "diagonally"

    My OE pads wore the exact same way as you're describing. I had 3 track days on them, and less than 3,000 total miles on my 2020 PP1 S550. I swapped over to G-Loc pads for the last track day I had, and just pulled those pads last night, they wore even. I swapped back the OE's for weekend drives...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Did some mix-matchy with tint on the rear taillights. Wanted something different. (Lights are off)
  5. What did you do to your residence today?

    Finished splitting/stacking wood behind the shop for the winter. This is probably 3 years worth since we mainly use the HeatPump. If power goes out, we’re covered with the wood stove.

    Congrats sir! Very well done! If you have links to the vids I’d love to watch them!

    Down loaded the app and couldn’t find it. Searched through 6hrs of the #DriveNasa YouTube live and couldn’t find Flyhalf. Dang! If someone found video of him, please post a link.

    Wow!! Yeah, after the yellow dropped and it went green he flew out front! How many hours until you run? Here in about 30 minutes my sons football game starts. Hopefully you run after he’s done. :thumbsup:

    Group B super unlimited S550 is fast!!! (White one)

    Good luck my friend!! 😆 In all seriousness, I do wish you a successful and safe day!

    Post links! I’d love to watch! :rockon:
  12. Best H-pipe for 3rd gen Coyote GT

    I see a ton of threads on folks going directly to H-Pipe, which is why I went that route. I don’t see a lot of recommendations on going straight to an axle back. Which is what I should’ve done first, in my opinion. I went h-pipe, then Steeda axle back, and my car is loud as F!!! I think I...
  13. Indiana Brake Air Deflector Vanes for PP1/2 cars

    180 degrees after 20min sessions? Sign me up. I was 280-300 last track day. Where do I purchase and how?:thumbsup:
  14. 2019 GT PP1 Tire selection?

    Pretty sure the *easiest* track setup is a 285/35/19 SuperCar3 on an Apex 19x10 square setup (no spacers). Rotatable, great grip, waaaay better than stock. I burned up the PS4S in 2 track days before the SC3 setup. Steeda dual-rate springs doesn’t lower the car much *at all* I’m actually...
  15. Mustang GT vs BMW M2 Competition

    Completely agree! GREAT read, and thank you for all the awesome feedback from owners of both. Almost the same boat as me but you’d drive yours more. I DD a Tundra (on Kings lol) and a Lexus GS350F sport. I wanted a “Friday car” that was mainly track duty - fun car. I purchased new 2020 GT back...
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    In a straight line? Different strokes for different folks. At the local road course tracks, there are some insane S2000’s that haul absolute balls, and would definitely compare/take our S550’s and be fun as hell to pilot. I cross shopped them vs the S550 for a track car. They’re just too old...
  17. 20” square setup for dual duty

    Not a bad idea. I prefer the straight spoke style though, vs the 5 star type. Those are a good option, thank you for the idea. Spending that much $$$, I might as well go for exactly what I want - the HRE FF15’s - I’m basically looking for a budget set of these LOL
  18. 20” square setup for dual duty

    28-30 lbs, so still lighter than my PP wheels. SVE doesn't make a decent style I prefer. I prefer a longer, thinner, spoke-type wheel - I'm not entirely happy with my 19x10 Apex wheel style, but since they're for the track, I don't care. For the street, I'm trying to accomplish this look.
  19. Home maintenance vs dealership

    Never owned American until a few months ago, but I think there have been enough posts so far to keep me from visiting Ford much lol. Lexus has been amazing in my area, Toyota has been trust worthy, Nissan - not so much, so now I drive 40min south for the wife’s services at a more trust worthy...