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  1. Tuners that support MPVI2

    I appreciate the confidence! I did all my own street tuning on my Evo IX that had cams and upgraded turbo. NGL though the 20+ timing tables are intimidating. 😅
  2. Tuners that support MPVI2

    Nothing other than an H-Pipe right now. I picked up the MPVI2 to enable the active exhaust and make a few minor tweaks like changing the throttle pedal mapping in Sport mode. I'm looking at the ESS supercharger and supporting mods but still in the planning stage of figuring out all the pieces...
  3. My poor 2010 GT :(

    It always sucks to see a car you care about and put time and energy into get wrecked. It happened to me with a Galant VR4 (predecesor to the Evo) that I sold. Did a bunch of work to it and the guy I sold it to thought he was a rally legend on a dirt road until he rammed it into a boulder.
  4. Tuners that support MPVI2

    Agreed and yeah I totally understand the position of the tuners wanting to protect their investment so it isn't stolen and resold.
  5. Tuners that support MPVI2

    I appreciate the response guys. I checked with PBD and they won't tune the MPVI2 anymore. Wengerd did 6 months ago but they confirmed they don't support it anymore. I get tuners wanting to lock the tune to protect their IP. It is just lame to spend $500 for basically identical hardware to what...
  6. Convertble trunk mat please help

    I have the OEM rubber mat in my convertible and it didn't need any trimming to fit. Recommend trying it first and seeing if it is sitting weird before cutting.
  7. Tuners that support MPVI2

    Does anyone know of a remote tuner that supports the MPVI2? I picked it up last year to activate the active exhaust. Now that the RTD is out all the tuners I knew of that supported MPVI2 tunes have dropped it. Thanks in advance for your time!
  8. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    Magneride was an option on the PP1 cars but came standard on the PP2 cars. The convertibles weren't offered in the PP2 spec.
  9. Maryland WTB: PP2 or Mach 1 non-HP Rear Spoiler

    Good morning, I'm trying to finish my PP1 to PP2 conversion and am looking for the rear spoiler. Open to PP2 or Mach 1 non-HP spoilers. Thanks for looking!
  10. My BULLITT/GT 500 Morph !

    The fitment on the hood looks perfect! Did it need any work when it showed up? This is the MP Concepts aluminum hood right?
  11. Lowered my convertible

    It is sitting great! Did you use spring spacers in the rear and if so, what size did you go with?
  12. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the R5's! They were the original wheels I wanted after I got my car and am bummed that they never got released. IMO they are one of the better proportioned 5 spokes for the S550 platform.
  13. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    What ever happened with the McQueen/Special Service wheels? Were these ever made available to buy?
  14. Maryland SOLD!: OEM PP1 Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

    I have a deposit on them and the buyer should be coming this weekend to pick them up.
  15. Convertible EQ/DSP change when unlatching the top

    I was able to disable the unlatch EQ change through Forscan. It still mutes for a second but the audio stays the same as with the top up. 783-01-01: 2000 AC to 0000 AC
  16. Anyone open up their bumper end intakes on their 2018+ GT?

    This has been discussed a few times, here's a good thread on it: TLDR: These vents feed air over the outside of the wheel to create an air curtain for better aerodynamics. They are blocked on PP1/PP2 cars since they have...
  17. Car shipping

    Intercity was fantastic for a cross county trip.
  18. The Albuquerque Stripper - Salvage DIY to NASA TT2 racecar

    ^^The pictures aren't showing up.
  19. Trouble finding MPSS in 305/35/19 for stock GT350

    Sent you a PM! I have a backorder with Discount Tire for these but it was weird. Originally they said this size was discontinued in the MPSS so I called Michelin and they confirmed it is not discontinued but are not showing production of new ones in the next four weeks.