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  1. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    I ordered 6, lol. 1 set of 19x11 and 2 19x10's. Can't wait to pair them with tires and finalize my order in November! I'll be running summer tires so I won't really get a chance to enjoy them until next March :( Any ideas on how to chrome them? LOL
  2. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    We're getting close!
  3. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    I'm on the West Coast, and really really interested in these wheels and have $ for a set regardless of price. I just hope I don't miss out on the first run because they're announced at 10am east coast and I'm still asleep. What time do I need to be awake to see them and click purchase in order...
  4. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    Signed up for the newsletter! The more info the better, I've been saving for Apex's light weight mustang specific wheel that was supposed to come out soon because I didn't know you guys were making anything, I'm ready to make a purchase!
  5. 5W20 or 5W30 2019 Bullitt

    I just switched to 5w30 after hearing the 21's were doing it and I've def noticed less burn off and less in my oil catch. I'll be using 5w30 going forward.
  6. Saturday April 17th Official Mustang Day

    Our crew is mature and includes some who are currently in the service. We may get deep here and there but so far from my experience we've respected the law and traffic.
  7. Saturday April 17th Official Mustang Day

    Nice maybe you'll see our group or another while you're out cruising. It seems that Facebook has a few events and cruises in different areas of the PNW. So far 5 cars are headed to Pacific Raceways to watch the drags on Saturday. And Sunday we're going to Woodinville Cars and Coffee.
  8. Saturday April 17th Official Mustang Day

    43 views, 0 responses..... I'm moving to TX
  9. Saturday April 17th Official Mustang Day

    Hello Everyone. This Saturday marks the 57th Birthday of the Ford Mustang and has been declared the Official Mustang Day of 2021. You'll see #mustangweek and #mustangday trending on several social media accounts. The current forecast is calling for Sunny weather with a high of 76 degrees...
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  11. PNW Stang Gang

    Nice! We have about 13/14 cars going to Woodinville Cars and Coffee tomorrow, trying to all park together. You should come! It's from 10am to 12pm at Dandy Dogs in Bothell. Since we have so may cars trying to park together I think we're going to try to get there at 9:30am.

    Let's keep it up! All taken with iPhone 12 Pro Max with very little editing.
  13. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Wud up y'all! Get up. Literally look at my photos and call someone, text someone and compliment them, tell them you love em. All shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max, no edits
  14. PNW Stang Gang

    Bring the family with! Lol
  15. PNW Stang Gang

    The meet is from 10am to Noon so you could always come out and have plenty of sunshine to build it after. No pressure though, I'll be advertising all future meets and cruises on here.
  16. PNW Stang Gang

    That's awesome. Let me know when you get it, would love to see some photos. What are all the options you chose? My wife's Aunt and Uncle who currently live in Lake Stevens are retiring soon and moving to Coupeville on Whidbey Island. To avoid the insane market in Seattle we're buying their...

    Yes those are the ones for the front. There is absolutely no vibration. I would not do 1" rear the 20mm is equal to .78 of an inch and anymore will prob have poke.
  18. PNW Stang Gang

    We hang and cruise everywhere. We're trying to expand to where we can have 1-2 meets a month and make some new friends, get food, help each other work on our cars etc. 1 car in these photos live in Monroe, 1 car in Snohomish, and I've lived in Fremont for 10 years but we're moving to Lake...

    Yes! I have the Steeda recommended setup, 1" front and 20MM rear. If you look at my IG you'll see that with the Bullitt wheels it actually sits flush with 0 poke. This setup may have a little bit of poke because they're not concave like the Bullitt wheels are. I still love it doe.
  20. KONA BLUE S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Thank you both! I really appreciate the replies.