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  1. V6

    The sound and the smoothness of the engine. THAts a big factor.
  2. V6

    I bought my V6 new in 2015. I ordered it with the 051A package which gave it the 18” wheels, foglights, power seat and spoiler (which I deleted). The 300 hp is more than enough and far faster than my old Fox V8’s I owned in the past. She’s comfortable and quick on long trips, gets great gas...
  3. Photograph of the Month - August 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    All I need is a winding road and my Mustang
  4. Cervini C-Series Side Scoops (‘18+)

    I put them on my 15 not long afternoon I got her. I think they are far better than the Roush scoops. I always get compliments on them as well.
  5. Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    Every modification I’ve made I’ve thought about and sometimes anguished over but she’s six years old and I still get looks and compliments all the time. Believe me though I completely understand. At some point though you just commit and since it’s your car, I’m sure you’d make the right choice.
  6. Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    Mine have been on for almost 6 years. No issues and thousands of washes. I love them and get compliments all the time even now.
  7. Strut tower brace question

    How much is this and where can we get it?
  8. Stripes!

    Love stripes on these cars.

    Some new pics for Spring.
  10. Recommend Katzkin Leather?

    What color is that?
  11. Here we go..Steeda suspension

    Im thinking of getting a Steeda rear sway bar to replace the stock one on my V6. If I don’t put a front one on for awhile will the car ride and handle okay? Will the rear end get tail happy?
  12. 2016 Mustang 3.7L GTX3076 Twin Turbo Build

    Can’t wait to see this completed. She looks amazing so far!
  13. Ford Performance Street Handling pack experience

    Does anyone have this kit on a V6? If so, thoughts? I want mine to be a bit lower but handle better on the street. I’m not tracking the car, but I enjoy a spirited drive to work or when I’m out.
  14. Roush Axle back Drone v6 2015

    Can this be used with the Roush Mufflers? I’d love to hear how they would sound all together.
  15. 2015 Mustang V6 Exhaust Sound Clip Thread

    I’m still debating on my exhaust. I want a mellow yet throaty sound so I’m thinking Roush exhaust with an h-pipe , shorty Headers and a CAI. I hear the H-Pipe kills the drone and makes a deeper sound. Is this true?
  16. Squeaky suspension question

    Thank you for making me aware. I really appreciate it and will let FORD know when I bring it in.
  17. Squeaky suspension question

    My drivers side rear squeaks at low speeds, sounds like a squeaky bed. I don’t visually see anything broken or bushings deformed. Could it be the Spring? The shock? I have a 2015 V6 .
  18. Pilot AS4 vs ContiExtremeContact DWS

    Thank s for everyone’s help here. I use daily this and other information to get tires. So I got New Tires for “Miss Maggie” Did my research, got Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons for a great price and installed by Bj’s Tire Center. They did a great job as well. The research was correct. Very...
  19. Pilot AS4 vs ContiExtremeContact DWS

    Looking forward to that. Thanks