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  1. Do you see Mustangs in every day things?

    You must have the same or very similar fridge to mine. However, I have my fridge set to maximum cool, so it has four bars on the right, so I never made the Mustang connection.
  2. Another Whipple Powered 2020+ Shelby GT500 is born!!

    It's not just you...
  3. Manuals Are Losers

    There are other parts of your replies I could respond to, but I think this might be the most efficient way to get some insights: for what reasons WOULD you begrudge someone else's transmission choice?
  4. Manuals Are Losers

    You've brought this up before, and I am curious about what it is you're trying to accomplish by posting that, and everything else that you do here. Do you want to convince people to buy a manual instead of an automatic, so that you can keep your manual? Is your expectation that because you...
  5. Manuals Are Losers

    Have I ever? Yes. Have I ever had that happen with the A10? Not that I recall. I have either noticed how well it downshifted when entering the corner and how it held the gear the way I thought it should, or I had it in manual mode, where it wouldn't do that. Well, there are pro drivers that...
  6. Manuals Are Losers

    OK, let's explore that. Someone posted (emphasis added by me): To which you responded: That doesn't sound like an "I don't like" post to me, it sounds like you're telling someone else that they are wrong about their feeling regarding their performance driving in their car, and even...
  7. Manuals Are Losers

    There seems to be a real disconnect here between what I'm saying and what you're interpreting. I don't care what you like, I don't care if people like autos or not, I am not a die-hard auto fan. I am not making pro-AT arguments, I'm just saying that I think you are misrepresenting the behavior...
  8. Manuals Are Losers

    Well, multiple professional drivers never seemed to have complained about that, as far as I have seen, and most say that the A10 picks the right gear at the right time. I also suspect that with 10 gears, the impact of a gear change is less disruptive. Additionally, as has been stated many...
  9. Owner’s Thoughts After First 500 Miles in New GT500 – Realization of Long Time Dream Car

    I'm getting a circular reference. If I click the "Owner's Thoughts..." link or the "Continue reading..." link, it just goes back to the same post.
  10. Just got my first Mustang

    Hey, congrats! Very nice looking car.
  11. Manuals Are Losers

    I had a '14 with the MT-82 and I never had an issue with it, but for 2018 the 1st and 2nd gears changed and just didn't seem to be as good of a fit. I had multiple reasons for getting the auto in my '18, and that was one of them. I also just like the A10, and after shifting gears for 30 years...
  12. Manuals Are Losers

    Yeah, same here. The MT-82 in the 2018 models just didn't seem like a good fit at the time. The Tremec sounds great, though.
  13. Manuals Are Losers

    Never having needed it, I wasn't familiar with it. Makes me wonder why you know so much about it.... 😂🤣😆✌🤓🧐😎
  14. Manuals Are Losers

    Manual Owners: "Hey Honey, I'm sorry I wasn't able to satisfy you last night. Again. But I can drive a manual, so I'm going online to talk about it so I can still feel like a man." 🤣
  15. Manuals Are Losers

    LOL, nice job on finding about the only negative thing he said about it. He also said that the 10 speeds allowed the engine to stay in the power band, keeping performance up, so it's a trade-off.
  16. Manuals Are Losers

    I think the cars were different enough that I don't know that the comparison is that meaningful, but for one perspective, here's what a pro driver, Randy Pobst, says about the 10-speed on track with the Mach 1:
  17. Because if you buy a sports car with an automatic, you deserve to sufferJasonCammisa , 2021

    Again, I'm not trying to sell you on getting an AT, I'm just saying people should not criticize behavior of which they have no first-hand knowledge. Like saying that the rev-matching is because of the locking of the torque converter, when it probably isn't, or saying that it will upshift on its...
  18. What is your go-to driving mode?

    Hi jblue, I am not sure if every trim level and option setup has every drive mode, but my GT Premium with PP1 and the A10 has all of those modes. On mine, Normal is with everything set to, well, Normal. Sport is with just the auto set to Sport mode (S on the shifter) but no other settings...
  19. Because if you buy a sports car with an automatic, you deserve to sufferJasonCammisa , 2021

    Well, let's be honest here - based on your postings, I'm pretty sure you would not be happy with anything other than an H-gate and a clutch, so everything else you don't like seems like a waste of time to mention. And when people say "The automatic does this..." when it really doesn't, it gives...
  20. Manuals Are Losers

    But with no-lift-shift, you could keep your foot on the gas and *still* be driving it just like a manual :)