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  1. Who else is on their second 350?

    I started with a 2016 track pack... sold and bought a 2016 R... Sold and bought another flat plane crank engine... different kind. I will stick with this for a long time.. I am still pinching myself to believe it's true.
  2. What problems does the GT350 REALLY have...

    I do ! That is probably me:) i am tracking the m3 in the meantime... Ferrari will follow suit soon :)
  3. What problems does the GT350 REALLY have...

    Sold the track pack to upgrade to the R... sold the R to get something more exotic :)
  4. What problems does the GT350 REALLY have...

    I owned 2 of them... a track pack and an R. 17k miles on the track pack and 8k miles on the R. Not a single problem. Both tracked monthly. Never had to top off oil... Great cars i miss my R sometimes...
  5. Weight of Stock GT350 wheels

    I should change my sig and avatar... I no longer own a GT350, sadly.
  6. Weight of Stock GT350 wheels

    That sounds about right... my 16 GT350 came at about 32 lbs, calculating the wheel with rubber and taking rubber out.
  7. Massachusetts FS: 2x Michelin sport cup 2 brand new GT350R rear

    4520 manufacturing date for both.
  8. Massachusetts FS:Signature SV501 Wheels with Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 tires for GT350R

    I can't do a ticket with my forum name on the car, as I sold my car, but I will add one soon with forum name and the wheels stacked. Basically these wheels in the pictures below, with the mentioned tires are for sale. Same condition as in the pics. Tires have maybe 1000 miles on them. The...
  9. Massachusetts FS: 2x Michelin sport cup 2 brand new GT350R rear

    Hi, I just sold my car, and I have a spare set of rears for sale. The condition is obvious... Got them from Tirerack 3 weeks ago. 750 takes both. Pickup only. Thanks!
  10. Received an offer from Vroom that I could not refuse

    Funny thing is, it shows only on Autocheck, Carfax shows ok... not sure why??
  11. Received an offer from Vroom that I could not refuse

    Just for fun, my 2016 R with 7400 miles got 54k at givemethevin, but the vroom came back with odometer issues ??? Some idiot at registration punched 20089 instead of 2089 when I titled the car back to MA... damn. next odo check is at 2950... This will give me grief, no?
  12. New Sync Update Available

    Hold on, I just realized I am posting on a GT500 board; just ignore my comments. I started this for the Sync update :)
  13. New Sync Update Available

    Yeah.. as long as arthritis lets me change my own gears with my left foot, sorry... it's manual for me. I hate Ford for doing GT500 in auto only. I owned the previous GT500, and it was a great car... just not as composed as the GT350. This might just be the last Ford I own, if they give up on...
  14. New Sync Update Available

    Nah, not in front of me it won't.. Well not on tracks I know anyway :)
  15. New Sync Update Available

    If you have audio problems, get a GT350R. You will never need any audio upgrades or changing of tracks, as you can't listen anything anyway unless sitting still; engine and exhaust note drown the music anyway. Problem solved. :)
  16. New Sync Update Available

    What download, I used USB method, not wireless stuff... It takes all of 3-4 minutes to load over usb... Sorry for causing you trouble sir, I apologize. I will go in my hole and never come back here.
  17. New Sync Update Available

    Did anyone confirmed the update on Ford sync site by uploading the xml file (usb install)? I get "Upload failed. Please try again later. " when I try to do it. I did find it in the SyncMyRide folder... Also, installation was very quick for me, it said "installing" for a few minutes only...