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  1. California FS: Lund Ngauge with window mount.

    trading in my car no use for the gauge anymore. 1 year+ old like new mounted in window. comes with Window mount, SD card, Cable, Still locked to car i just took it off and havent talked to lund so you might need to buy new tune / unlock it. not sure how that works. asking $270 OBO
  2. 2018 GT exhaust on 2016 GT - does this work?

    I can adjust the valance. My buddy made his into dual exhaust valance for his Corsa. Just want to make sure the stock non active 2018 exhaust will bolt up the same
  3. 2018 GT exhaust on 2016 GT - does this work?

    tried searching but nothing comes up. is this possible? i had corsa extremes but due to the new law i had to revert back to stock exhaust, which is very tame. the new 2018 sound nice for stock.
  4. CarPlay and tomtop

    I have a Tomtomp aftermarket unit and I really want to get CarPlay on it. After doing research I’ve found multiple dongles that I can plug into headunit and plug my phone in for CarPlay. Anyone have experience with using with tomtop ? Is it just that easy now?
  5. GT FS-CORSA Extreme mufflers

    The mufflers go for like 650 brand new so for the price of 550 im guessing its not the best deal. unless your selling the xpipe as well. which then would be a really good deal.
  6. Temps are starting to get ridiculous...

    I live in Palm springs area and we see temps around 110-115 daily and never have seen my temps rise that high. max ive seen is 220 CH and IAT sit at 156-160 if im sitting at a red light once i move they are back down to ambient temps. check intake, check coolant levels.
  7. Gas fill up problem

    I have the same issue now and then and i noticed it happens when the gas pump doesn't full seal on the gas tank opening as its being pumped it then stop. What i do if this happens is press the handle so it starts filling and put up the tab so it pumps automatically then i just put pressure...
  8. Lots of parts for sale, whipple kit, hellion kit, injectors ect.

    Still have corsa‘s ? Are you willing to sell x pipe only ? Let me know thanks
  9. Fs: Corsa Extreme cat back/JLT cold air intake/Bama turner unmarried

    I’m interested in the x pipe from the corsa exhaust. If you can’t sell together let me know! Good luck
  10. WTB : corsa extreme catback exhaust.

    Currently I’m back to stock exhaust as I had to correct some fix it tickets from when I had the extremes. I ended up selling mine but now a few months later I miss it. So I don’t really have anything to trade you bro sorry. If you ever do need to sell it though I may be interested.
  11. WTB : corsa extreme catback exhaust.

    Sold mine Awhile ago and miss it. Let me know if you are looking to get rid of yours! Located San Diego / LA area thanks.
  12. Modified Exhaust Ticket?

    I had the same thing recently. fix it ticket for front license plate bracket, modified exhaust, and tint. all were correctable. I ended up borrowing my buddies stock exhaust swapped it out. peeled all my tint off and got a low profile front license plate bracket. the next day i drove over to CHP...
  13. Did I Get Ripped Off On Install? ALIGNMENT UPDATE

    $830 ouch... I paid 150 for mine a local mechanic came out perfect but thats in Cali... and Yes, you would want to do an alignment after any suspension work as geometry will be changed.
  14. 25mm Spacers SOLD!!!!

    Thanks bro!
  15. FS BNIB Eibach Sportline Springs

    still available ? i am interested.
  16. Purple Wheels

  17. Aggressive Fitment Thread