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  1. GT350R Splitter worth it?

    It does ADD downforce. It doesn't add 300lbs of downforce though. So there is no need for it to be that strong. It probably adds, I did a quick Google search but didn't find an actual number, around 80-200lbs of downforce between the front splitter and rear wing. You cannot generate...
  2. Wonder if 350 value will go "up" when GT500 is released?

    I have heard that they handle very respectably with a Watts link and a few upgrades. Obviously it is still a compromised design, but everything has its limitations. It is amazing what the aftermarket comes up with.
  3. Picture(s) request: regular GT350 with FP lowering springs and 30 profile tires

    It depends on everything. If you run a wider wheel, you will get a squarer profile on the tire. If you run a narrower tire and a wider wheel, you will get a rounder profile (stretch). From what I have seen, the PS4S are very similar to the PSS but the shoulder tread is more similar to the...
  4. Wonder if 350 value will go "up" when GT500 is released?

    I think the BIGGEST reason that classic muscle cars, or any classic cars for that matter, are worth anything is because people are willing to pay for them. It is the nostalgia factor. No one buys them because they perform well. A new Camry will pull on most muscle cars. It is because when...
  5. Master Blaster vs Leaf Blower + Compressor

    Just take it to the coin op wash and power wash the salt and under carriage
  6. Buying Tips for Purchasing Used GT350?

    Thank you! Yea I have seen 17's as low as $68k. They are coming down which is great. I have seen a few places drop prices over the winter here which makes sense. So it makes for better bargaining when they are desperate!
  7. HELLION GT350 Ride and drive review video!

    Yea and if you REALLY wanted to make it reliable without building the entire motor, just pull it apart and gap the rings a bit wider so you don't crack a ringland. Even 100% stock they seem to be doing just fine though.
  8. Master Blaster vs Leaf Blower + Compressor

    I also cannot let $50,000+ just sit there and rust. Taking care of it is the least I could do haha
  9. HELLION GT350 Ride and drive review video!

    Hellion kits are well made. The kit itself will be fine. For the motor, it looks like they are pretty stout. I think it all comes down to how the tuners treat them. If they are safe and keep power under 800-900hp, I would imagine it will be fine. Once people start pushing them to the 1,200hp...
  10. APR Performance front wind splitter.

    What are you talking about? Are you talking about the different splitters they offer? The Performance Package ones are for the GT, not the GT350. There is a separate one just for the GT350
  11. APR Performance front wind splitter.

    It will create downforce, but not 100lbs+ by any means. A REAL splitter you can stand on and it will take hundreds of pounds of downforce. I am curious what the support rods mount to? If it is just the bumper, they are useless. They need to be tied into the crash bar to hold any weight. If...
  12. Master Blaster vs Leaf Blower + Compressor

    Compressed air will always be better than what a leaf blower can do. A leaf blower picks up dust and sand and blows it onto your paint. This is no bueno. A Master Blaster or air compressor does not as they have filtering to stop that from happening. Plus the more fine jet of air is more...
  13. Buying Tips for Purchasing Used GT350?

    Not very smart people bought them as investments. They got all starry eyed when they saw 911 prices going up and 1M guys making a killing. So they thought that just because dealers were selling for ADM, that it was a sure thing. Little did they know that its a Mustang, and they would make...
  14. Buying Tips for Purchasing Used GT350?

    I am staying away from "executive" cars for the exact reasons you listed. Even if it was a Ford employee that had the car beforehand, I know how people treat things that aren't their own. Especially a performance car. I would love to buy new, but I am just not a fan of losing $20k in two...
  15. Buying Tips for Purchasing Used GT350?

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Considering the fact that most of you are from the US, things may be a bit different, but do you see the prices coming down any more? Or do you see it hovering around the $50k's CAD for a while due to the relatively limited nature of the car?
  16. Buying Tips for Purchasing Used GT350?

    Hey, New guy here so I am trying to cover my bases. I am currently starting my search for a used GT350. I come from Canada-land, so pricing is a bit different here, but what I have seen is that most GT350's seem to be in the high $70k's to low $80k's. I can pick up a 2016 for...
  17. 2018 LB GT350 (J0238): Oil Consumption Stats

    Has anyone done a Blackstone oil analysis? This would give you the best idea of EXACTLY what is going on with your oil and bearing/ring wear rates.