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  1. Video: 2020 Shelby GT500 North American Track Tour @ Sonoma Raceway

    Looks like you have been there... Haha
  2. alingment after lowering

    Looks great, specs came out good too. I have the same color combo looks awesome.
  3. Brake shields??

    Awesome thanks for the part numbers. yes these rotors will pull from the inside. They are girodisc I was using a track day brake kit. New setup is girodisc rotors and gloc r12 pads. I think this will be a large improvement
  4. Brake shields??

    I've seen the undertray. I'll probably modify mine to get more air to the deflectors. What's different about the brake shields I cannot seem to find a pic. Maybe I'll just put some holes in my stock ones to get some air to the rotors
  5. Powerstop rotor failure

    Figured I would update this... Eric from powerstop (he is the manager of the brake rotor division) got back to me and was able to give me a full refund for the brake kit. I honestly was not expecting this to happen so I appreciate them doing this for me. They've requested the rotor back so...
  6. Brake shields??

    I've got a 2018 GT (non PP) that I put PP brembos on. I was struggling big time last track day with overheating the brakes. I put PP lower control arms on it recently which have the brake air deflectors on them, do the PP cars use a full rotor dust shield?? Seems like not a ton of air will...
  7. alingment after lowering

    I ran my car with about 2 degrees on r888r's. Next event I am trying to get 2.5-3 on camber. These cars lose a lot of camber as the wheels are turned so in my opinion with sticky tires camber will help. May lose some braking performance but its a trade off. I run around 1.7-2 on the street
  8. Powerstop rotor failure

    Yup, I definitely experienced this too. I was driving pretty hard when this happened, but most of the day I was trying to drive easy on the brakes, and not go into the corners as hard as I normally would . First session I could tell that I could overheat the brakes if I pushed hard every lap...
  9. Powerstop rotor failure

    Losing confidence in braking system is pretty messed up. I really think going to a 2 pc rotor is the only way I will track this car again. Plus the weight / cooling benefits are pretty substantial so I believe it would be worth it.
  10. Powerstop rotor failure

    I just want to raise awareness about it. Would hate to see it happen to someone else and have things end up worse. If anyone is familiar with Sonoma, it was basically at the end of the drag strip (turn 7) I was able to just steer around the K wall at the end of the track and I had plenty of run...
  11. Powerstop rotor failure

    This is what I bought. Reason being, my car is a regular GT. I got brembo calipers and needed the rotors and pads. I was gearing up for a track day , so this just seemed fitting. This is my daily driver. I didn't think I needed to spend a grand on rotors and pads but apparently I was wrong. I...
  12. Powerstop rotor failure

    Thank you. I appreciate that.
  13. Powerstop rotor failure

    Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with power stop rotors ? I had one catastrophically fail on me on the road course. I'm pretty unhappy with both American muscle and powerstop. All I wanted was a refund for this "track day" brake kit. American muscle said , sorry it's over 30 days...
  14. Alabama Brembo PP1 6 Piston Calipers for sale

    I am interested in these...
  15. Custom nGauge Mount

    How about extending the hood .750 past the top. Maybe will help with the sun glare
  16. GT4, what a car.

    They are called dry breaks. If you have seen pictures of vintage racing where they are fueling the car and pulling the fuel filler away and dumping about 2 gallons of race fuel on a smoking hot race car... Well that's the point of a "dry" break. It doesn't allow fuel to flow until it is pushed...
  17. afraid of the 2018 GT? buy now or no?

    Same, I am up to 1800 miles so far. Amazing car
  18. Ford Performance Track Handling Pack

    Why are they a dual rate ? Do they go into coil bind at some point ?