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  1. Upper Tie Bar needed! Help!

    I was in the same situation months ago. It’s back ordered everywhere. Eventually I got one on, but I returned it later as my body shop ordered one from a dealer in TX. Check, it shows “in stock” on their website.
  2. GT350 Radiator Support (Upper Tie Bar) - FR3Z-8A284-D

    Hi, I'm wondering if you have FR3Z-8A284-D in stock? Thanks!
  3. Parts Backordered?

    Thanks for help on checking! I've reached out to them and they said both parts are backordered.
  4. Parts Backordered?

    Following two parts to be specific. Radiator Support Tie Bar (FR3Z8A284D) Engine Cradle (KR3Z5C145A)
  5. Parts Backordered?

    My car has been in the shop for months due to "National Parts Backordered". The shop said that the parts are not in stock at dealership and they need to order directly from Ford. The ETA got slipped several times and seems it takes forever to get the parts. Wondering if others are also in the...
  6. NoCal - Bay area service recommendation

    +1 to Morgan Hill Ford Store I'll stay away from Fremont Ford. Went there twice and none good experience. The first time they forgot to reset the oil life gauge and didn't adjust tire pressure. The second time is even ridiculous, two hours after I dropped off my car they called and said their...
  7. Does your GT350 make this sound?

    I think it caused the squeak. As that's the only thing I did to the car before going to the track. The sound disappeared a while later so I'm not sure what fixed it.
  8. Does your GT350 make this sound?

    Mine had squeak sound when turning left at low speed. It happens after I tightened lug nuts to 150 ft lbs.
  9. California Pirelli p zero 255/40 zr19 96y, $30 OBO

    From 2017 Mustang Ecoboost Premium. Pick up at 95035.
  10. Give away: 2017 ecoboost OEM catback in NorCal

    It’s been used for 5000 miles. The car was sold and I need to make some space in my garage. It’s uncut so you need to pick it up from South Bay.
  11. California WTB: Stock Ecoboost Downpipe (Central / Southern CA)

    My bad, I thought down pipe was part of it. It turns out it’s not. Never mind.
  12. California WTB: Stock Ecoboost Downpipe (Central / Southern CA)

    I can give away the whole catback if you can pick it up here at bay area. Just sold the car and don't have the place for the parts.
  13. Greetings from J2511 (2018 Magnetic GT350 w/ black stripes)

    Got the customized plates today. Is anyone also using the chassis number as the license plate number?
  14. splitter decal glossy or matte?

    Here’s how the gloss one looks. It matches the pinstripes and I’m quite happy about it. Not sure about the matte one.
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    It’s San Francisco Bay Area
  16. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    We shut down the cars and coffee!
  17. My Shelby arrived today! (With pics!!!)

    Of course, look forward to that!
  18. My Shelby arrived today! (With pics!!!)

    Just saw your car on instagram.
  19. 2018 Ford CPO gt350 ... Good deal?

    Just wondering how to tell no oil consumption issues from carfax report.