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  1. MF Auto Designs Coyote Grille Badge

    I have a 2018 performance pack. I know “of” the grill shutters but I’ve yet to actually come across a scenario where they were in my way (or not) in this case. Didn’t realize they were a difference between the base and PP. I would’ve guessed it would’ve been a model year change. If true, that...
  2. MF Auto Designs Coyote Grille Badge

    It can be done though it is a tad bit annoying. If you take the radiator cover off, it should give you "just" enough room to stick your fingers in and place the nuts on the screw mounts once you position the emblem where you want. I've done it this way twice (once for myself and another for a...
  3. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    GT350R steering wheel.
  4. Georgia MBRP Street Exhaust for 15+ Ecoboost - $100

    Hey there. Yes there are still available. Send me a DM with your info.
  5. Georgia 15+ (New) Anderson Composites Type-GR Carbon Fiber GT350R Rear Wing - $800

    Based on the description, doesn't look like it, unfortunately.
  6. Off with the stripes - Mach 1 graphics removed

    Fair point and agreed on both accounts. Pricing aside, I just feel it's a bit disingenuous when people refer to the M1 as a GT with a graphics package and even as a "stripes person", they would be low on the list of reasons I bought the car so having them or not is probably one of the lesser...
  7. Off with the stripes - Mach 1 graphics removed

    Amazing how many people don't respect personal preferences but I shouldn't be surprised when every other day we have a thread dedicated to self-validating your choice based on the transmission in your vehicle. Beautiful color and the car looks great with or without. If OP thought the M1 package...
  8. Georgia 18+ OEM Fender Passenger Side Kona Blue - $200

    The passenger side is still available.
  9. Help with ford performance hood strut install

    There’s a little opening you can fit a flathead screw driver into to pop the strut off the mount which I recently found out is pretty standard for gas struts. I also put mine on upside down originally…
  10. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    2020 Ford Mustang GT500 CF - 1:33.84 Camaro ZL1 1LE Package - 1:34.30 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R - 1:36.11 So I stand corrected it was actually about half a second faster than the ZL1 1LE? Must've got my times mixed up with the 350R. My bad; I'll update my post to clarify that. Either way, Ford...
  11. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    “The” video on a channel with hundreds of videos. You couldn’t even post a link to the video in question and you’re talking comprehension.
  12. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    I really appreciate you telling me to “do my homework” while literally pointing to the video I referenced in my post. Did you listen to anything of what was said in that video at all? They swapped out cars in the drag race because of all the aero on the 1LE yet left the GT500 with all its aero...
  13. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    Can I ask what results we’re referring to here? I could be wrong but the only time I’ve seen where the ZL1 1LE bested it was one where it had a severe tire disadvantage on an overall slower/technical track.
  14. Other than a mustang, what else do you drive??

    Have a Dodge Ram when the space in the Mustang doesn’t quite cut it. Looking to add an R35 GTR to the garage within the year.
  15. Georgia 18+ Turn Signals - $300

    Hello all, Up for grabs are a pair of OEM front mounted turn signals. Asking $300. Will ship at buyer's expense.
  16. Georgia 18+ GT500 Style Front Bumper Kona Blue - $600

    Hello all, Up for grabs is a GT500 style front bumper pre-painted in Kona blue. No major damage; it's just dirty. I took pictures as is because I had to leave it at a different garage temporarily due to space issues :crazy: but I plan on cleaning it up in the next day or so. It's the variant...