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  1. Protective Film or No Protective Film

    I ride CF De Rosas straight from the factory in Cusano Milanino. Much different IMHO.
  2. Protective Film or No Protective Film

    Won't dispute a professional, but the GT500 and GT350 have very similar front ends from a ppf standpoint. Having said that, my Xpel installer added a seam to my front end that I absolutely hate and plan to get fixed come spring.
  3. Protective Film or No Protective Film

    Had full suntek on my 2016. Sold it after three years. Know the new owner. Still on and doing well. Current car has mix of SunTek (roof and trunk) and Xpel (everyplace else). Cannot tell the difference. Edit: the newer SunTek and Xpel both require more seams to be created because they are...
  4. Seriously?

    I think he is talking about Speed Phenom.
  5. Engine Fire due to Clutch Master Cylinder

    Thanks for the heads up. Hope everything works out. Would you have called the fire department if you had an extinguisher in the car--assuming you did not. Or was it too big to address yourself.
  6. Protective Film or No Protective Film

    Worth it for the peace of mind, not just for tracking, but for every day. Did it twice (two different cars) to the entire car. Found I am much more comfortable with the car after it is covered. As for appearance, both cars were black. Washing is much easier and almost completely eliminates...
  7. Rolling the dice on Express Lube

    Prevent terrorist attacks. "See something, say something..."
  8. Sliplo 25% off for limited time

    How much is needed?
  9. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    Just know I am lucking in two regards: - I don't have small feat (or hands)... - and the EU system renders my modem useless, so no data for big brother :giggle:
  10. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    If I am in Wyoming and call to Arizona there is no charge. If I then go to Arizona and call back to Wyoming, there is no charge. That to me is no roaming, but the EU is the EU. I guess the current scheme is better than the 10k euro per second roaming charges that existed prior to 2017 (very...
  11. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    That was my main point. - The carrier in the U.S. with the Ford contract is AT&T--only. - Ford's contracted carrier seems to vary across Europe, and none (to include Vodafone) seem to know how to interface the the modem on a Shelby (luckily). Aside from data limits, the biggest catch is...
  12. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    Yes, I think we all celebrated a couple of years ago when the European cell companies finally dropped their outrageous roaming charges--though still not completely gone. The example of going from Romania to another country is clear. However, if someone buys a Ford in Denmark, where there are...
  13. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    Completely agree. Wonder what would happen if more people knew the type and amount of personal data Ford was collecting and selling. Useless mobile phone knowledge gathered while trying to get the useless (invasive) modem to work in Europe>>> Vodafone is only available as a primary carrier in...
  14. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    Correct. Neither Ford nor AT&T could figure it out, which was a blessing in disguise now that I know the data it pulls. @Vlad Soare Everything should work over here on European spec cars. Problem: Since the GT350 is not exportable, all systems are built solely for the US--can't use nav, no...
  15. Cajones GRANDE

    Agree. I would guess that COTA would be similar to Spa-Francorchamps or the GP track at Nürburg. The sim is true to form with those tracks and their runoffs make them somewhat more forgiving by comparison. Nordschliefe is more like a 21km commute on a very well maintained curvy mountain road...
  16. Cajones GRANDE

    Sim can help with blind turns, but not so much with lines. The micro terrain (changes in tarmac, compressions, elevation changes, and knowing which kerbs you can touch and which to avoid) is hard to simulate, but make a big difference on the track. Rule of thumb is it takes 50 laps before your...
  17. Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    Good question. Short answer is "yes, but..." Luxembourg road tax is cheaper, because it's linear based on engine size and CO2. Belgium is exponential, so even tax on a GT seems punitive. So, annual fees would be cheaper. Import fee is standard across the EU (10%) and homologation...
  18. Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    A GT350 in Belgium costs 5-8k euro per year for road tax (depending on which part of the country it is). It also cost 3-5K to convert to pass inspection and 21% VAT and 10% import tax. Definitely not cheap. Economy is the size of Penn.
  19. Random thoughts.......................

    Standard military terminology (along with head). Gotta remember where you are and think twice to call it anything else.