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  1. Tribefan

    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    There were already 350's that had been sitting on lots for much longer than they were the first few years before having a 500 to compete for those sales. (Different price points, of course, but still mostly compete against each other for buyers I'm sure.) Having the two halo cars would likely...
  2. Tribefan

    It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    They're not ending Shelbys overall, just the GT350. The GT500 will continue on, probably at the very least until the S650 platform comes out in a couple more years. It was never really feasible for them to continue running both Shelby models for an extended time. Not to mention the 350 was only...
  3. Tribefan

    PSS tires not available, recommendation?

    I really hope they come out with the PS4S in OEM sizes in 35 series sidewalls instead of the 30 series. My front splitter and wheel gap would greatly appreciate it!
  4. Tribefan

    Weird Stereo Glitch...

    I am actually having this same exact issue. I've noticed mine will start as soon as the radio's display lights up (as in opening the door). Happens whether or not the radio is on, adjusting the volume doesn't seem to impact the volume of the static and only comes from the lower speaker on the...
  5. Tribefan

    GT350 OE Pilot Sport Cup 2’s mileage

    Really? That's interesting. I didn't know that, and those Cup 2's in the rain is a major reason why I'd try to find another set of Super Sports or possibly PS4S when my current Super Sports are done. Now this is making me reconsider since more grip is always better.
  6. Tribefan

    Gt500 side skirt (Stone guard)

    @madlag can provide some insight on all of the above....
  7. Tribefan

    2020 updates to the R did not make their way onto the GT350. Solutions?

    Did you just use Forscan to recalibrate it?
  8. Tribefan

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I endorse this comment 1000% percent! Can't beat them for the price and the almost total elimination of brake dust.
  9. Tribefan

    WTF?! Strange static sound coming from one speaker with radio/car on OR off!

    No I haven't gotten around to bringing it in yet. And since I have the Recaros I know for sure it's not the fan in the heated/cooled seats that I'm hearing. It's obvious static and I keep forgetting about it until I hear it when I'm in the car. :facepalm:
  10. Tribefan

    Tires for 2020 GT350R

    Ok, dumb question here and I don't know if this info is already in front of my face and I'm not realizing it, but are the 295/35 and 305/35 MPSS tread widths the the 295/30 and 305/30 PS4S? I know the PS4S replaced the MPSS, but since the Cup 2 seems to be different than the...
  11. Tribefan

    GT350 Side Stripes

    I like @alan0614 stripes so much that I finally got a set of my own a couple months ago!
  12. Tribefan

    Has Ford replaced anyone's 5.2 due to the piston slap issue ?

    Same here. No matter how warm the engine is for how long, I still hear it.
  13. Tribefan

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    So being that my car isn't an R, it originally came with 295/35 and 305/35 front and rear. Currently I'm running 305/30 and 325/30. I'm assuming my speedo has been off while I've been running the 30's and by going back to the 35's (but 305's all around this time) it should be back to normal?
  14. Tribefan

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Thanks for sharing that. I'm betting he's referring to all of these tires as 30 series, no?
  15. Tribefan

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Thanks for the info and for the pics from both of you. I find it interesting that the 305/35 tire looks to have more of a stretched appearance than the 305/30. I would have thought it would be the other way around. I'd think the taller sidewall would more gradually stretch to fit the rim than...
  16. Tribefan

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    You have 305's on the rear 11.5" wheels? Do you have any pics looking along the sides of the rear wheels that show any stretch of the tire on the 11.5" wheel? I've been considering doing this on my R-spec wheels as well but was concerned about stretch. I'm mainly wanting to do it to add the...
  17. Tribefan

    Upgrading to Sync 3.4

    Definitely won't be paying for the Ford maps. Only would if it updated Sync along with it.
  18. Tribefan

    Upgrading to Sync 3.4

    Ok that's what I figured but wasn't sure if there was a chance something else might be bundled with the map update.
  19. Tribefan

    Upgrading to Sync 3.4

    I have a question that's partially off-topic, but also possibly somewhat related: I recently got an email from Ford trying to entice me to update my nav with a map update. Since I use Apple Maps and Waze, I felt there was no reason to pay for this update and just deleted the email. But I'm...