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  1. Len

    I didn't do a thing to my Mustang today, but...

    ...I drove it to go vote and eat lunch, but that doesn't count. I have, however, been spending time the last week working on the place where my Mustang lives -the garage. (Or as they say in the rich 'hood down the street, the "Motor Room.") In the last week, I have cleaned up, reorganized...
  2. Len

    Radar Detector

    This is nice. Yeah, map lights were my next option.
  3. Len

    Radar Detector

    I'd love to read more. In my 19, it seems the mirror power wires are inaccessible behind the plastic cover for the safety sensors. I can pry off a small "hatch" directly behind the mirror, but no plugs or exposed wires, just a cable running left and another right.
  4. Len

    Hardwiring Radar detector into power Mirror - I've got questions

    I WISH my mirror mount was so simple. A large plastic shroud is mounted on the glass behind my mirror, it houses various sensors for safety systems. There is no exposed wiring harness as it is all tucked under this shroud, which I have not figured out how to remove yet. There seems to be a small...
  5. Len

    2020 Mustang EcoBoost Premium vs 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0

    The 14 y/o kid orbited the SUN 14 times, no the planet. Hopefully, the kid was attached via gravity to said planet during those 14 orbits. Also, what y’all said.
  6. Len

    Rearview mirror electronics/dashcam

    Hello all, First, let me say thanks. I’ve been reading these forums and have been learning so much. I am so far behind the knowledge curve I doubt I will ever catch up, so I am grateful for the expertise here. My next project is a dashcam. I was looking today at the rearview mirror and was...
  7. Len

    Ford factory speakers, omg!

    Wish I knew. Was unable to replace the door speakers as a result however.
  8. Len

    Ford factory speakers, omg!

    I just upgraded to new speakers (doors and rear deck) on my '19 EB Premium (9 spkr). I was floored when I saw the factory speakers -tiny magnets, paper cones. Pics below.. No wonder the system sounded so awful. Audio guy also told me the door 6.5"s are basically set up as subwoofers, not...