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  1. 2020 Mustang EcoBoost Premium vs 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0

    I don't know about these two, but had a chance to drive a 1lt base model Camaro with the v8 last weekend, with a manual transmission. The car was on sale for 32 grand. It felt so nimble and apparently it only weights around 3610 lbs and has the lt1 engine with 455 hp and 455 lbft. These two cars...
  2. Ecoboost vs. 2010 - 2013 Camaro SS

    If it’s an LS3 then you are in trouble. I had a 2012 2SS RS ls3 with a hurst short throw shifter. Pretty long gears but the torque is everywhere. L99 you will have a chance from a dig but not on the stretches. To give you an idea, LS3 camaros put down 40 50 whp more than the L99’s. My car was...
  3. Video: 2 Euro-spec Mach 1s testing at the 'Ring

    Do we have the weight figures on the Mach 1? With all the additional cooling and wider wheel tire combo, it may turn out to be the most heavy NA mustang gt to date.
  4. 2020 GT500 vs Corvette C8 Z51 which one is faster at willow springs? TIMES!

    What surprising is that their best lap times table shows the Camaro ss 1le almost putting similar time on Cup 2’s with a ZL1 1LE. You take the long straights away there goes your extra power. Meanwhile the GT 500 is struggling for the grip. Now put some 355 Cup 2’s in the back and 315 fronts...
  5. $80k ADM Markup on 2020 GT500 LOL

    You better bring a C7 ZR1 for trade in and 80 grand on top of it but you may still end up paying for the paper fees lol
  6. C8 just got crushed and humiliated by the GT500

    Yup definitely a hint. Rumors were an NA 600 hp v8, and it should be enough to make it faster than the force fed C7 ZO6. Has anyone seen the numbers for the C8 Z51 on prepped surfaces?
  7. GT500 vs ZL1 1LE.

    Remember these prices are also based on the MSRP, does not reflect the actual sales + taxes for these beasts. Camaro is alot cheaper regarding out of pocket pull into the drive way stand point.
  8. GT350 vs 911 Carrera S Hot Lap in Motortrend Best Driver's Car 2019 Competition According to the above article, C8 Z51's Nurburgring time has been revealed as 7:29.9 which is faster than the 911 Carrera S (7:30.41). Just FYI ZL1 1LE did it in 7:16.04. We don't have official Nurburgring times for the...
  9. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    So far we had three journalist’s comparisons between these two cars. Two of them posted lap times and one didn’t but favored the ZLE with handling and braking numbers. The other two comparisons the ZLE won around the road coarse. Whats surprising is that the ZLE also won on a drag race in one of...
  10. S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    I m hoping for weight savings. Make the rear seat area even smaller (adults can’t fit anyway), shrink the car a little, and give us a fourth generation 500 hp NA V8 mustang gt. By the time S650 is out, camaro will be on the lt2 and lt5 engines.
  11. GT500 vs ZL1 1LE.

    All Ford had to do was to drop a pair of 335’s or even 355’s in the back and problem solved. Yes it would have required a wider body or fender extensions but it would have been worth it. Maybe an R version will come out in the future for more aggressive track use but all that initial glory of...
  12. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    Apparently the ZLE in the comparison was on street alignment while the GT500 was on track alignment straight from Ford.
  13. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    Man you gotta chill. It’s not just this review. CarandDriver tested both cars on track and they said the ZL1 1LE is the better car for track, Edmunds did lap times comparison on a small autocross setup and ZL1 1LE put better times. Now this comparo. You are not going to be happy unless the GT500...
  14. GT500 vs ZL1 1LE.

    That's what Randy said but do we know if the ZL1 1LE had fresh tires? Previous tests all had the ZL1 1LE beating the GT500 around a road coarse. That being said, I do think the GT500 has a chance depending on the straights but as overall, the ZL1 is a better balanced with better handling track...
  15. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    Does the CFTP delete the rear seats? ZL1 1LE still has rear seats with an additional 30 lbs weight and ability to squeeze 2 midgets.
  16. GT500 vs ZL1 1LE.

    Throttlehouse track review is out with Randy behind the wheel.
  17. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    I m totally disappointed that they didn’t find a track with longer stretches to give the GT500 at least one win around a track against the ZL1 1LE.
  18. GT500 vs ZLE

    Try to find more negative reviews. You are doing great for the community Doug must be thinking outside the box giving an 8 score for the handling of the ZLE. The guy is really special
  19. GT500 vs ZLE

    Yup its not because the GT500CFTP lost to the ZL1/1LE on track and even with the skidpad numbers but it was a joke because it didn’t take advantage of the GT500’s 760 HP DTC to let it stretch its legs right?
  20. C8 just got crushed and humiliated by the GT500

    We are only talking about current gen cars. At least thats what i thought, but man thats a beauty.