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  1. inspecto

    Hood latch pins..... Better sit down for this one

    because that would be too easy!
  2. inspecto

    Ford GT 2019 301A PP1 (Auto Relock)

    unless I'm dreaming mine locks anytime i have the key in pocket and walk away more than15-25 ft . It's always done this , I'm the second owner.
  3. inspecto

    2021 gt fastback manual pp1 301A?

    A change to a top line trans fluid will make an improvement. The trans are both ok once warmed up. :sunglasses:
  4. inspecto

    2020 Mustang EcoBoost Premium vs 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0

    Yes it would and if you can stand sitting in it. It a shame gm couldn't get that right!
  5. inspecto

    Help me choose my 2019 Color please.

    There the stock 18" and yes I can get things mixed up in my advanced yrs 68 yrs old.
  6. inspecto

    New S550 owner!

    :sunglasses: I like white as well
  7. inspecto

    Potential New S550 Owner

    Of course they just want to get you there and then tell you it just sold but we have one just like it for you to test drive. Bait and switch !!!
  8. inspecto

    Exhaust - Go cheap or pony up the cash (Corsa Sport)

    I too have the MBRP catback with H pipe No drone either, just pure sound ! .
  9. inspecto

    V8 owners, what's you best gas mileage record?

    Running the Ford Performance PP2 tune w/93 octane I can consistently get 26 mpg on the highway running 80-90. Around my area I get 19-21.
  10. inspecto

    Second thoughts on 2018 Whipple/mods instead?

    Keep the 15 and mod to your liking. You will come out ahead financially and have a quicker car. Keep in mind all the little things that will add to the price of a new car.
  11. inspecto

    About to mod...having second thoughts...

    I have the PP2 on mine for 2yrs now with no complaints. It runs very well , no drivability issues. I installed myself as was not to concerned with warranty. All Ford stealers in my area suck!!!
  12. inspecto

    Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    Not a big fan of black wheels but I don't hate them. I'm 68
  13. inspecto

    help pouring fuel cleaner in gas tank

    Do ya have the one Ford puts in the trunk?? That's what ya need
  14. inspecto

    BMR scratch and dent sale

    Anyone looking to buy springs they are having a scratch and dent sale
  15. inspecto

    FP Power Pack 2

    I agree, I've had one on my 17 GT for 2yrs and have no issues The upgraded performance is worth every penny. Drivability is spot on. It also tweaks the auto.
  16. inspecto

    Florida SOLD Ford Performance Mustang Track Strut and Shock kit (2015-2020)

    Thanks Oscar, all was as advertised. Now all I have to do is put them on. Anybody want to help ??:like::beer:
  17. inspecto

    Anyone know what this is?

    Yes Velocity Blue rules the road!!
  18. inspecto

    Anyone know what this is?

    That would make it groovy man far out man