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  1. Failed Emissions on New Ecoboost?

    Thanks for posting the actual language. Seems clear to me. Anything under 8 model years. I don' t know how long the 1975 law has been in effect. I had a '71 Mach 1 I bough tin 1994 and it was exempt then. I heard some talk of raising that to 1985...that would be great. NASCAR style T-Bird.
  2. Failed Emissions on New Ecoboost?

    I'm not sure, but I think it's retroactive. I just paid my reg on my '14 (bought in July of '14) which would be 6 years. I should ask my cousin, he bought his '14 in Nov '13, so this November would be 7 years. That would be the test.
  3. Failed Emissions on New Ecoboost?

    It's better because I don't have to get my car smogged for 8 years. If I only paid $18 a year to not get smogged would that change your mind? Enjoy taking your car in every year!
  4. Failed Emissions on New Ecoboost?

    Oh, please. I never thought I'd ever hear someone here say they'd rather take their car in to be smogged every year and pay $18 or never take in in for 8 years and pay $25. Worst post ever.
  5. 2021 Mustang Order Guide (Including Mach 1)

    So they're offering the TREMEC on the Mach 1. That's pretty cool.
  6. Failed Emissions on New Ecoboost?

    There are a few counties in CA that don't require smog checks at all, regardless of age. Lake county is one. Must be nice.
  7. Failed Emissions on New Ecoboost?

    You guys are getting f'ed! What a pain in the ass! Here is good old Commie-fornia, we don't have to smog a new car for 8 years! And then only every other year after that. It was 6 years, but they changed it to 8 last year. You do have to pay a $25 fee each year.
  8. Report: Next gen S650 Mustang will have full 8 year life cycle

    It will be nice if it's really on the CD6. And if they keep it the same size. I have a '14 GT that I really like, and I'm fixing to skip the S550. If I was ready to buy a new car, I'd get a '20 GT-PP in Grabber Lime...but I'm just not ready. I'm really looking forward to the next gen. I hope...
  9. 2021 gt fastback manual pp1 301A?

    I can add, I have a 2014 with an MGW and it works great. I love the feel of it. Minor notch into 2nd only wen cold. No lockout. I love it. I'm bummed it gets a bad rap.
  10. Billy Johnson, GT500 development driver, driving GT350R at Daytona Speedway

    Awesome. And thanks for posting. Love watching these pros drive these stock cars. I might be the only one, but as a NASCAR fan, I'd love to see a 350 or 500 going around the full oval. Yeah, it might not prove anything, and just be dick-swinging, but that's what I'd like to see.
  11. Die hard Manual guys get in here!

    The only auto that made me think that I could actually own it was the new A10. It's a great transmission if you want an auto. My wife has one in her Expedition. For me, it's manual only.
  12. Billy Johnson - GT500 CFTP in-car video from Buttonwillow #13 CCW

    Awesome video. That thing really accelerates in the straighter parts. Thanks for posting! And LMFAO at that spoiler on that GTR. lol!
  13. Dallas shop for MGW shifter install?

    You'll love it. It was the first thing I did on my '14 and it was like driving a different car. Still love it 6 years later. And it still feels great.
  14. How was I able to pay off my Bullitt in a year!

    If you had a 1.9% loan on a $50K car, the best thing to do would be to let the bank hold that for the 5 or 6 years it takes you to pay it off, and then take the $50K you got lying around and invest it it S&P 500 ETF, which makes 10% per year average, historically. But what do I know?
  15. Hella GT500s at Sears Point - What's going on?

    So are they Ford media cars? So many... Thanks for the info, good sleuthing. Dat black one, though... man.
  16. Hella GT500s at Sears Point - What's going on?

    A friend of a friend sent me these two photos from Sears Point Raceway today. Many GT500s in the garage area. They all look new. This is listed as a PRIVATE EVENT (from Monday Sept 14 thru Sunday Sept 20) That's a lot of cars for some press track event or whatever. Anyone got any info on this?
  17. Has anybody done a resonator delete and used a X pipe in its place and was it worth it

    I have a '14 GT, but I ditched all that crap and went with Borla X-pipe, Borla Mid pipes (no resonators, obviously) and Borla Stingers. F-yeah it was worth it. It sounds rude, and very controllable with the pedal. No drone, quiet at a warm idle, wake the dead at WOT.
  18. Deer Strike :(

    I feel like you could have tracked it? Maybe a little NASCAR tape on the hoot/fender line. Sucks about your car man. Five years ago, some lady rear ended m yin my brand new 2014 RED GT. They had to pull the rear pan out jus tlike a inch, replace the styrofoam bumper insert and paint and...
  19. GT350 Exhaust Failure

    Love Borla stuff. I have a Borla X pipe, mid pipes and stingers on my '14 GT and it sound frickin RUDE when you open it up. Nice and quiet on the highway, no drone. Cold starts wake the dead. Enjoy!
  20. Which Mustang would you buy?

    19 for sure. Only thing that would hold me back is the different ratios in the transmission between the 16 and the 19. Prefer the '16 ratios. But I'd take that later engine, and I like the newest styling, and I like that it's more stock. I do love Recaros though. What color are they?