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    Billy Johnson, GT500 development driver, driving GT350R at Daytona Speedway

    Billy is an awesome guy that I've had the pleasure of talking to a few times now- he is always very genuine and willing to help fellow drivers with their technique, take em for a spin or just answer a myriad of questions about cars or racing in general. Not to mention, a beast behind the wheel!
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    Palm Beach Dyno Car Sets 1/4 New Record!! [email protected] 144mph

    This is INSANE performance for a production car with a VERY light list of modifications. And to think we're just starting to scratch the surface here- bravo Ford and to the tuners pushing the boundaries. :clap:
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    My Bone Stock GT500 vs Modded 615hp C6Z

    That's impressive man- a H/C/I C6Z is a nasty B**** and for a much heavier car to hang (and slightly pull) says a lot. Nice run!
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    First GT500 in the 9s

    :like::like::like: I do my best NOT to spread false information.
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    First GT500 in the 9s

    That was the hope from 'said' person- at this point the question is what the initial clutch pressure is at and if it can be increased/manipulated- almost like the GR6 in the GTR.
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    First GT500 in the 9s

    I've been sworn to secrecy for now.
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    First GT500 in the 9s

    Rumor has it the DCT has been slipping a little bit already with even modest increase in power...
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    2020 Ford Performance catalog. Gen 3 Aluminator and no 2018+ power Packs

    I've been talking with Dave Born from FP over the course of the last year and he assured me Power Packs are coming, the issue is in CARB cert.
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    Shop for FP Knuckle to Toe Bearing Install

    Any reputable Ford Dealer/Service Dept. should be able to bang that out pretty easily. If you REALLY wanted to save some money, just remove the knuckle first if possible. That's what I did and I think Ford charged me for a half an hour or so of work.
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    Alabama 2017 GT350R with 2019 R Motor with only 150 miles

    Ugh- gorgeous car. GLWS!
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    Best place to jack motor up during LT header install on a 10r80 car?

    I went with the lumber/oil pan route with no issues. Keep in mind that if you do go with the trans pan, you may get in the way of your header install depending on the size of wood you're using.
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    Oil Pressure at idle- Gen 3 Question/Issue

    Did a search and didn't find an exact answer here so I was wondering what fellow Gen3 owners are experiencing for oil pressure at idle- car at operating temp. Backstory to question, my 2019 auto has been having intermittent issues where if I come to a light, the car will stumble for a few...
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    My 2020 GT500 finally reached the finish line!

    Congrats buddy! And great color combo- exactly how I would order mine (if I could) lol.
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    Zander13 - Hellhorse Turbo Build - Motor RIP on first drive

    I bet the car felt NASTY for those couple pulls though!
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    2020 GT500 REVIEWS Compilation

    Well when all you have to do is set your rpm via a button and put your foot to the floor- what else is there? Its like a video game. Again I saw suits and middle age women who never drag raced a car in their life go low 11's even 10's with relative ease- that doesn't mean its NOT a drivers...
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    2020 GT500 goes 10.61 @ 133 mph!

    That is IF they can tune the TCM. Lund was a bit apprehensive based on the Ford GT TCM and lack of support. Granted that's a Getrag and this is a Tremec but time will tell- I just know he's a really smart guy when it comes to this stuff and he wasn't very confident of immediate ability to get...
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    2020 GT500 REVIEWS Compilation

    Thank you sir. I have a TVS equipped 14 GT with an MT-82 that's been mid 10's and a '19 A10 GT that went 11's bone stock and now were starting to throw some mods at it - so to answer your question I do get to the track now and again. To your second question- a trained chimp could get this...
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    2020 GT500 REVIEWS Compilation

    :EDIT: Thanks for adding ours OP!
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    [Updated]: [email protected] so far for GT500 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

    I think what people need to keep in mind here is that this 'Media Drive' took place over the course of a week that saw temperature swings of 20 even 30 degrees. On top of that 'prep' was done maybe a handful of times throughout each day and I use that term extremely loosely and if you weren't...