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  1. PSS or non-R SC2 for wet track day

    That's tough and will "Depend". The RE71R is very fast when it's cool. They overheat quickly and do not do well when they get hot. So hot days they are greasy and not very fast. The Cup 2 tends to be quicker on east coast tracks than west coast tracks (i'm not sure if it has to do with the...
  2. PSS or non-R SC2 for wet track day

    The bespoke GT350 Cup 2 has better wet grip than the bespoke PSS it replaces. As others have said, the PSS has better hydroplaning resistance in deep water than the 350Cup 2, but depending on how worn your PSSs are from those track days, the 350Cup 2 may be your better bet. Post a pic of the...
  3. Billy Johnson - GT500 CFTP in-car video from Buttonwillow #13 CCW

    It's probably a good idea to run higher octane in your blown S197 or any car on track with an aftermarket tune. All of these aftermarket tunes don't have the same attention to detail, safeties, and time and effort as the OEM calibration that ensures your engine doesn't blow up on track. A...
  4. Billy Johnson - GT500 CFTP in-car video from Buttonwillow #13 CCW

    Thanks for the support! Those were always fun races at Daytona. I grew up in Southern California and feel your pain. But having done a lot of the development driving on 93, and having tested the GT500 on 91 in CA (and driving Joe Gatt's 500 in CA) I honestly can't feel a difference. Even...
  5. Billy Johnson - GT500 CFTP in-car video from Buttonwillow #13 CCW

    Thanks. The tires were a few track days old and I just did a couple 'hot laps' to show the owner what the car can do, but at least there's now a decent video of Buttonwillow Config #13 CCW since none of them out there showed the line very well. Haha, yea the wing was huge but functional. That...
  6. Billy Johnson - GT500 CFTP in-car video from Buttonwillow #13 CCW

    Here's a hot lap of me driving a 2020 GT500 CFTP at Buttonwillow #13 CCW after a good day coaching the owner. Unfortunately there were no clear laps during the brief time I got to drive, and these two half-laps had the least traffic. Together these laps make a 1:57.44 lap despite the TT1...
  7. Billy Johnson, GT500 development driver, driving GT350R at Daytona Speedway

    I would not recommend the high line in the banking, especially the Tri-oval/start-finish. I was just having fun. It's slower anyway. I have a channel with random in-car video on it. I just posted one of a GT500 CFTP at Buttonwillow.
  8. Inside the Carbon Revolution Wheel

    Make sure to also torque your wife's or kid's Accord to 50lb-ft to be consistent with torquing lug nuts to 66% of the required torque. (DISCLAIMER: Dont do that, and torque your wheels to 150lb-ft. S559s have larger studs and require more Torque).
  9. Inside the Carbon Revolution Wheel

    A Must-read:
  10. 2020 GT500 1000R Supercharged | 1002 whp

    No one likes STD. #SAE or nothing.
  11. What's the funniest/oddest/ignorant comment someone said about your 350?

    "You should supercharge it" "You should turbocharge it" "You should put headers on it"
  12. what tire width for front are folks running on 19's

  13. Let's get serious about track tires for GT350

    This is why off-the-shelf 305/325 Cup 2 tires aren't faster and don't last longer than the bespoke GT350R's 305/315 Cup 2 (when driven at the limit):