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  1. Prices are on the rise......

    Good Hagerty article but the writer was slightly misinformed about the 2019 R model having no changes. Granted they were only recalibrated ABS and solid rotors but the first one he didn't mention and the second one he thought was a 2020 R model change.
  2. Mustangs parking by Mustangs - Photos

    This picture is either good or bad depending on how you interpret it.
  3. Pulled over for/gotten a ticket for stock GT350/R exhaust?

    Unless you want to jack up your GT350 at the side of the road I'm not sure how a PO would be able to see your exhaust well enough to know whether or not the exhaust is stock.
  4. AMG GTR Pro to GT500

    Given the production shutdown is that build date still reasonable? And as for delivery dates once its built that's anyone's guess. Ford's scheduling for delivery of manufactured vehicles seems to be a roll of the dice.
  5. My fav gt 350 / 350r clips

    Throttle House finally drove a GT350R. And loved it !
  6. My fav gt 350 / 350r clips
  7. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    The tech didn't have access to a boroscope?
  8. Identify please.....

    I've also never seen any of the originals running wheels that large with low profile tires. Anyone who has the originals is running original wheel size and tires.
  9. Prices are on the rise......

    Harry, I think they are fishing for an easy catch. I put the liability insurance back on the R just before Easter weekend and have had it out several times. It never gets old :like:
  10. Prices are on the rise......

    Asking prices for used R models going up in Canada.
  11. technical questions - GT350R CF Rims

    The ceramic coating on the front CF wheels was designed to handle the heat caused by a complete failure of the brakes due to excessive heat from braking, exceeding 900 degrees C.
  12. 350R - rock scratch inside rim

    Link to Tomster's thread on CF wheel repair
  13. AMSOIL or Motorcraft, which one is better?

    The Ford Performance Racing school is probably going to use the oil of whichever sponsor gives them the most money so I don't know that I would rely entirely upon that as an indication of which oil to use.
  14. Question for those who have already gone through the oil consumption process.

    Mine was done through the dealer. They topped off the oil, sealed the dipstick, and told me to bring it in after 500 miles. I only had to do that 2X ( 1000 miles ) for them to conclude that it was burning oil. At that point they scoped it, reported to Ford, and advised me that Ford authorized a...
  15. 2016 GT350 burning a quart every 300-400miles

    You'd have to ask Ford that question. My 2017 was going through about 1 quart every 300-350 miles after doing the mandated testing. Dealership scoped the engine and determined bad valve seals on at least one cylinder as they could see oil running down the inside of cylinder wall and pooling on...
  16. 2016 GT350 burning a quart every 300-400miles

    If it's burning that much oil but is otherwise running fine there is probably a problem with your valve seals. The dealer can easily scope the engine and determine if that is the problem. It doesn't take an engineer from Ford to figure it out. And if the engine needs to be replaced a competent...
  17. Looking to purchase GT350 - Advice Wanted

    Easy check for oil consumption. Either get them to let you take it for a 10 - 15 minute drive or have them drive it for 10 to 15 minutes with you in the car. When starting the drive make sure the chrome tips on the exhaust are clean. When you get back after 10 to 15 minutes if there's any black...
  18. 2017GT350R-Need suggestions for Daily Drive Tires/Wheels

    The driver who recommended that size setup for PS4S is Billy Johnson. He was heavily involved with the development and improvement of the GT350 and is probably the most credible source available in that regard.
  19. Two Questions - 2020 GT350R

    Ford's website colors are off a bit. Mine, a '19, is actually MG with black roof and black stripe. If silver had been available in '19 I very likely might have chosen that.
  20. Two Questions - 2020 GT350R

    The switch from the spin on cannister oil filter to the built in housing with cartridge filter was actually a mid '17 running change. Early production '17 model year built in '16 and early '17 had the spin on cannister filter. I believe in @ March/April of '17 the switch was made to the...