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  1. Mach 1 Ordering Update

    It's been well documented in the industry that many tires, especially sports performance tires are in short supply. Some of it due to the worldwide rubber shortage ( google: rubber apocalypse), as well as shipping and delivery issues. Michelin has even taken to renting cargo planes to get its...
  2. Richard Petty Garage King Edition Mustang - 22 of 43

    From the Hot Rod Power Tour in 2016
  3. Richard Petty Garage King Edition Mustang - 22 of 43

    They has one with the Petty display on the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour. Pretty cool piece.
  4. Hood Corrosion Nightmare

    And just got a denial of claim from Ford on my 32,000 mile 2013 Boss 302. So, it's about $3,500 out of pocket to fix this little screw up. thanks, Ford!
  5. First real life looks at Eruption Green and Oil Slick Blue-Purple new paint colors for 2022 GT500

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I'd be all over the purple with Torch Red stripes! Eye searing!
  6. Mach 1 Owners Kit is for real

    Guess I'll be on the lookout for one in the wild later down the line to go with the rest of my collection...
  7. GT500 & Mach-E On Track @ Sonoma Raceway

    I just thought it funny to see a Muck -E at a GAS pump.
  8. Hood Corrosion Nightmare

    That's one thing that scares me about getting my Boss 302 fixed, and the hood stripe on the Boss is 3M reflective material so it is stupid expensive. The sode stripe had been damaged previously and was about $800 for only that one piece. I seem to recall the hood piece is twice that.
  9. Hood Corrosion Nightmare

    At least ford is doing something for you on this. MY Boss 302 has developed blisters under the paint on the leading edge of the hood, and I am on my own. The stripe kit costs nearly what the hood casts, not including paint or installation.
  10. Getting Tired - Spare Me

    Currently the spare tires are on back order, but I'll be getting the Boss 302 kit from these guys:
  11. Happy Mustang day!

    It's the Mustangs birthday! Go celebrate!
  12. My Mach1 is here

    Love the color and the license plate.
  13. First mods to your Mach 1

    Roll up windows AM/8-track 15" Magnums Go for really retro
  14. 2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    It's not mine, but VIN 0833 is the track car at Xtreem Xperience.
  15. Ford Authority website says Mach 1's heading to dealers this week.

    Saw the same news on cNet...
  16. 2021 GT500 CFHP + new colors Grabber Yellow, Antimatter Blue, and Carbonized Gray Metallic

    And there are no 2021 brochures anywhere. Checked the local dealership, and then on ebay. Nothing out there...
  17. So I get this picture....

    I'm not making any claims about the photo and the person who sent it to me does haunt FB quite a bit. I just hadn't seen it before and thought it was worth sharing. If it's been around that lonf, it must be a pre-production early test car. It's too early for a pilot car. And of course Han...
  18. So I get this picture....

    So a friend of mine sends me this picture...
  19. Infographic: 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels Combine Performance and Art

    OE wheels have to meet standards that aftermarket wheels do not. So this is very impressive. Inspired by the Mach E wheels? No so impressive!
  20. 2020 GT500 Tire Leak

    Is that a Pirelli tire? If so, I do believe they have a road hazard warranty. I've run into this before on Volvos with the noise suppression system (foam strip).