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  1. I'm thinking of selling my 2017.

    $50K-$55K with those miles and damage record. GLWS
  2. Got some magic happening...need some luck

    I know some states have laws regarding tread depth for tires sold by dealers. There are fines and their insurance may state they have to be in compliance or risk coverage in case of an accident by a buyer. It may be more involved than it appears, unfortunately.
  3. My first Mustang! Finally!

    You chose well!
  4. Prices are on the rise......

    Oh no, don't do that deal. '17 base models are going for more than that at this moment in time.
  5. Brake pads sticking after a wash.

    Yep, normal.
  6. Prices are on the rise......

    This car sold for $43,750 on BaT in July 2020 with obviously less miles. The demand is still there
  7. Had Full Xpel Ultimate PPF Done - Need Opinions on the work done

    I assume they went right over the stripes also. Is there an air pocket at the stripes to body intersection? Maybe negotiate a refund of some sort and live with it. I don’t think I could handle having them attempt to fix any of it, as it may just become worse.
  8. New Gt350r Owner ! $57,000 CarMax Wow!

    Base 2017’s are selling for more than this. Something is wacky, but congrats!
  9. Prices are on the rise......

    Photos are limited for Bat, and couple of the hood make it look like the hood is not properly seated up front. Either that or the front bumper assembly is not properly attached.
  10. Downsides on a 2016?

    Any warranty left? I know the 2016 cars have proven to be not prone to oil consumption issues and reliable. Still, I would not buy without a warranty and at this juncture you are probably looking at third party warranties, which I don't trust.
  11. What is the best place to post a HEP R for sale?

    Thank you! You always have some great historical and personal information to share. Yes, right around 2800 TR8s total production. I agree completely with your assessment of design and performance of the TR8. I had a 1980 TR7 I had bought new and that car REALLY lacked in the performance...
  12. What is the best place to post a HEP R for sale?

    I concur about Craigslist being a viable option when hunting down any car. I just bought a 1982 TR8 on there as I wanted to emulate Carroll Shelby’s motto of small British car with a V8 engine and goes like hell. The VIN on this TR just happens to log it as the last TR8 ever made. I’m working...
  13. What is the best place to post a HEP R for sale?

    Autotrader. Name your price and start fielding calls.
  14. GT350 owners - should I consider buying this one?

    I would pay the full $62,000 if they guaranteed that no one would call me to offer the "last chance" warranty coverage as soon as I walked out the door....
  15. GT350 owners - should I consider buying this one?

    Not worth haggling over $7K, to drop it to $55K in the scheme of things in this rising market. That is a good price for a ‘19, and will be gone quickly.
  16. My new 2018 GT350R - amazing car!

    break in? Was this a new in the wrapper hold over? Beauty
  17. 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R - $54,550

    Scammers will find any opportunity to bilk someone looking for a deal. Right now, the GT350 is just one of their tools.
  18. No cars with recaro seats?

    Cars dot com had over 600 for sale last I looked.
  19. Financial decision having regrets now

    No one is charging by using extension cords and 110-120v. Get over that concept now. That charge rate is like 3 miles per hour.